Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Claire's Bright Skies

Pretty, blue, jelly, holo, cheap. What more could you ask for?

Whim of the Moment: On Saturday, StBFF and I had two hours to kill before dinner. Conversation went like so.

Me: What do you wanna do for the next two hours?
StBFF: Let's dye your hair!
Me: Sure!

And I bought a bottle of Manic Panic Fuschia Shock and a box of bleach. Done deal.

I was actually going for purple, but fuschia is good too. The container doesn't look like how it actually turned out. I should have known better, but oh well. It's only semi-perm. I'll go purple after it fades. What y'alls think?

I just want to add to the end of this, I turned my bathtub bright fuschia pink. I kid you not, it looked like I had murdered and dismantled a pink My Little Pony in my shower. So warning for anyone who wants to do this, get a spray bottle, fill it with 3/4 water, pour in some dawn dish soap, and fill the rest with bleach. When you're finished in the shower, I suggest you spray down your shower and let it soak for 15-30 minutes, then rinse.

Monday, October 1, 2012

OPI DS Jewel

Jewel is a really interesting colour. You're never really sure what colour it actually is. But as far as I can tell, it's a reddish brown based purple with shimmer. And it shifts back and forth between the purple and brown. I didn't really like it on me. But I think it's because it doesn't really work with the yellow in my skin.

I wore this back in May of 2011. It's been so long that I don't even know how many coats I used. Sorry about that.

Pic of the Moment: You know what? I have a pretty sweet job. If you ever hear me complain about it, you are welcome to reach through the computer monitor and smack me upside the head. Because I totally get to take pictures like this:

I love you Quatchi! For those who do not know, that's Quatchi, one of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic mascots. Of all the mascots, he was the most work to get out, but in my opinion, probably the most worth it. He was awesome!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

OPI Cosmo Not Tonight Honey! Redux

Cosmo Not Tonight Honey! is by far the most viewed post on this blog. It has twice the views of the next most viewed post. Crazy sauce! So I figured it was high time to try and do better swatches. Try being the operative word here. They didn't turn out all that well. But here they are anyway.

Cosmo Not is a frosty oyster polish. Doesn't sound attractive at all, but I do really like the way it looks. It has a soft colour which is unassuming, simple, and classy.

Three coats with topcoat. There are some definite application issues, though. It's sheer, even at three coats, you can still see VNL. It's also streaky. Make sure you are careful to use straight strokes because every application imperfection will show. It also shows every imperfection on your nail. You can probably see all the unevenness and and ridges on my nails. Overall, though, I think the trouble is worth it for the colour. Really like it.

Exciting news of the Moment: Sooooo, on this Canada Day, I officially become a full time permanent employee of Canada's Sports Hall of Fame. Not contract any more! At least for the next little while. My new title will be Junior Curator. Sounds spiffy, doesn't it? Hehehe. Title comes with a promotion and benefits, but as with increased compensation, I'll have increased responsibility. Fun and scary!

Anywho, have a picture of the hall. I think it's a very nice picture. Anyone in Calgary should totally go and visit. It's awesome... I'm not biased or anything. *Innocent*

Monday, May 7, 2012

Essie As Gold As it Gets Sandwiched in L.A. Girl Addict

Oh jelly sammiches, you look so yummy. I'm speaking of nail polish jelly sandwiches, of course. I've seen them around the net and they all look so squishy, so sparkly, so glorious. Made me want to try my own. Although mine didn't turn out as blingtacular as a lot of the ones I've seen, I really love it.

I used L.A. Girl Addict as my base with Essie As Gold As it Gets as the glitter in the sandwich. Addict is a berry red jelly with gold flakies of its own, but every time I've worn it, I wished the gold flakie was more prominent, so I put a coat of As Gold As it Gets in between. Definite more blingy than Addict on its own but not hugely obvious. Check out the pic anyway. Love it!

One coat As Gold As it Gets between two coats Addict with topcoat. No application issues, but definitely wish I had given more time between coats. Little bit spotty under the harsh lens of super macro mode.

Nail Polish Containment Unit of the Moment: I have no idea how to start this segment. I've kinda sat here for the past 5 minutes trying to come up with a good segue way or witty opening, but I got nuthin'. So I'll just go right into it. My Melmer is awesome. That's right, just look at it. Can you not tell me that it is not awesome?! Hahaha. Mine is on the right. StBFF's is on the left.

Look, the design wraps around the side. Mine also wraps around the other side, but it's just leaves, so not that interesting.

StBFF got the brilliant idea from somewhere on the internet to decorate a Melmer. After that, she was all over the idea. But the original poster had used modge podge, StBFF decided to use wall decals we had bought from Dollarama for $2. It was a great idea. So we did the placement and used an exacto knife to cut and trim all the pieces so they wouldn't tack to each other or the other parts of the Melmer and peel off.

Here's a picture of what the Melmer looks like bare and before I put the drawer handles on. Taken with camera phone, so not great.

And my Melmer in its new home beside my Helmer. They homies.

One last picture of how I strapped my Melmer into my car so that I could take to StBFF's to decorate. I thought it looked funny.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

OPI Fresh Frog of Bel Air

I love Kermit the Frog. I think he's down to earth, hilarious, and adorable. He's also green. And if you're intrested in watching George Stroumboulopoulos interviewing Kermit the Frog, please click here. I honestly think this is one of the best interviews evar. (I totally just rewatched this after finding the link. Hehehe.) So that's why I nabbed this polish even when I didn't think I'd ever wear it. Its namesake. But then I got all into glitters and this was one of the ones at the top of the list to wear.

Fresh Frog of Bel Air is a clear polish with small green glitter and large silver hex glitter. The photo makes this look patchy, but in general, it looks fully covered. I really loved the way it looked with the green and silver. And it was so blingy. So fun.

Four coats with topcoat. I was a bit surprised that this one required four coats of colour and was still patchy. After wearing a bunch of China Glaze and Sally Hansen glitters in a row, I was expecting this OPI to be of comparable quality, but not this around.

Nom of the Moment: Breakfast cookies. That's right, they have bacon, buttermilk pancake, and maple syrup. So delicious. So delectable. You must go try. I have the recipe on my food blog, check it out here. I love how these taste. Sweet and savoury. Delish!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Barielle Buddha-ful

Today I have for you a lovely sheer polish. I was feeling au naturel so I picked Buddha-ful. I was surprised how much I ended up liking this polish. After the first week, I took it off and put it back on. Buddha-ful is a sheer soft pink polish with green/blue duochrome flakies. The flakies are subtle, but definitely there. I would say this polish isn't a good layering polish because the base is quite milky. So if you are going to layer with it, make sure you use a very thin coat.

The overall look you get with this polish is like a soft french mani as you definitely still see VNL. It's a very clean and feminine look. Sorry for the scab on my middle finger. Weirdly placed paper cut. Ick.

Three coats with top coat. I had slight streaking issues, so just be careful. And make sure to wait between coats. Also, try painting polish onto sides then one stroke down the middle to blend, so the streaks aren't as evident. (A trick I learned from All Lacquered Up) But again, streaking was minor.

Awesome of the Moment: Dude!!! Canada's getting a glow in the dark dinosaur coin! Not only does it have a dinosaur on it. It. Glows. In. The. Dark. Check it out.

Read more here.