Saturday, October 31, 2009

OPI Up Front & Personal Layered over OPI Bubble Bath (White)

Oh man, I'm flipping exhausted. Children tire you out, and they weren't even mine.

Anyhow, onto the nail polish. I'm quite enamoured with my OPI Up Front & Personal. I kinda want to try it with everything just to see how it turns out. Today, now that Halloween is over, I wanted to wear something light and shimmery after all the darks. I was going to just go with Up Front alone, but after my experiment with OPI You Don't Know Jacques Suede without basecoat, my nails are all yellowed and nasty. So I decided to do two coats of OPI Bubble Bath and then add a coat of Up Front.

This is actually the old white Bubble Bath, not the newer pink Bubble Bath. If you didn't know about the difference, drop by The Polish Addict for an explanation. I got this bottle from my friend who got it online. It was supposed to be new, but I'm pretty sure it's not. The bottle is lower than usual and it stinks to high heaven which makes me think it has had a shat load of thinner added to it. But I dunno. If the old formulas stink like that, let me know.

Bubble Bath is a very sheer pinkish off-white which made it the perfect base for Up Front, which is a sheer gold shimmer with pink and green shimmer. This combination is just opaque enough that it covers up the yellowing in my nail, but sheer enough to still see my nail. I think it just looks great. In low light my nails practically glow. In the picture, the bottom three nails are more representative of how it really looks like, my index finger is reflecting the yellow light overhead.

Friday, October 30, 2009

OPI Up Front & Personal layered over MAC Seriously Hip

So I got sick of staring at MAC Seriously Hip's black soul and decided to add a layer of OPI's Up Front & Personal just to change it up. I absolutely love what I ended up with.

It is now a beautiful green tinted, shimmery, gunmetal grey. Man, I adore it. I had considered adding a drop of Up Front to Seriously Hip, but the idea of frankening my $15 limited edition polish hurt my heart. I definitely love how this turned out instead.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

MAC Seriously Hip

I'm such a sucker for green. When I first saw this colour, I couldn't figure out if I liked it for its own sake or just because it was a green. I wasn't entirely ready to buy it while standing at the counter, but the moment the sales girl mentioned it was limited edition, I had to have it. I can't quite figure out if I'm happy or sad about that decision.

Seriously Hip is an incredibly dark olive green with gold shimmer. I have yet to figure out if the base polish is actually black or just a very very dark olive green. In low light it looks black. In indirect light it looks black with flecks of something in it. In artificial light, it looks like a wicked dark green with some large gold shimmer. In direct sunlight, it actually looks like it does in the bottle. In no light at all except for the flash of my camera does it ever actually look like the picture. Lol. I'm sorry I couldn't manage to get a picture of it in direct sunlight. I put it on and ended up going to work, which completely ruined it.

I'm really unhappy with this manicure. I wasn't used to the brush so ended up botching it. OPI wide brushes have spoiled me. This is two coats of colour with standard base and top. It's opaque in two coats. It applies fine. Not sure if that's enough for the $14.50 CAD I paid for it. But it is definitely a unique colour.

Overall, I am totally meh over this polish. I might redo the manicure for Halloween and see how I feel about it then. If my opinion changes, will update.

Edit: Well, hello reader. I found out something today. Seriously Hip is not a shimmer, it is a glitter. I found that out after rubbing again and again with nail polish remover and finding the little gold bits weren't going away. I love how glitter looks, just hate how it comes off. But Vampy Varnish has a lovely tutorial on how to take off glitter polish, definitely check it out.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

OPI DS Illuminate

I'm trying out all my Designer Series polishes. Completely addicted to them. Gah, I loves me some sparkly. This is a brown polish with slight red undertones. There's also green shimmer in there, but I just can't capture it. Getting pictures of this polish was a massive pain. I just couldn't capture all the different colours. Definitely click the pictures to see the larger versions.

This was taken in artificial light.

This in sunlight.

This is three coats of colour. I totally screwed up on a finger and required the third coat. But it's good to go in two. When I look at this, I think green milk chocolate. Hahaha. Ya know... That makes me think of mint Aero. Mint+chocolate=greatest partnering ever. Hmmm, is there a black polish with green shimmer out there? I wonder what that'd look like.

Anyhow, yes, I really love the polish, but I'm not sure if it actually looks good on me. As with all the DS polishes, application was good, still love the pro wide brush, don't know how I ever lived without it.

Friday, October 16, 2009

OPI DS Glamour

Oh crap, brain has shut down due to the shiny. Can. Not. Function. This polish is so amazing. It has so much dimension. Oh hello beautiful blue holo goodness. This is an old Designer Series polish that I had to get online, but oh so worth it. I couldn't quite figure out why the DS polishes were so expensive, but after trying this beauty out, I see the light. Literally and figuratively.

It also goes on incredibly smooth. I'm actually a bit surprised at how smooth. Swipe swipe swipe and I was done. The brush also had great control. This is two coats, was a little bit sheer at one coat.

The picture actually doesn't do the polish any justice. What's a better indicator of what it looks like when direct light hits it is the bottle. That's how my nails look. When out of direct light, it just looks like a shimmery blue.

Monday, October 12, 2009

OPI Russian Navy: One colour, three personalities

I got them, I finally got them. *Giggles like a little school girl* I'm ridiculously giddy right now. I finally found these at a salon in Calgary.

Left to right: OPI Russian Navy, OPI Russian Navy Matte, OPI Russian Navy Suede

Anyhow, I knew the wear time for the matte and suede polishes were bad, as the little tag states. But I was actually surprised how bad. I tried OPI You Don't Know Jacques! Suede first (not pictured) and I had chipping by the next morning. You aren't supposed to use base or top coat. But I figured base coat might help with the chipping, so all of these swatches are done with b.c. I also used b.c. because when I used You Don't Know Jacques! without b.c. it ended up dying my nails. Swatches are also two coats of colour.

Here is the matte done with classic shiny tips. I actually found having the tips made a huge difference in wear time. I completely botched the application because I didn't know how the matte would go on. I'd probably try this again just because so many people I talked to seemed to like it.The formula seems a bit thick, but other than that, it worked fine. You're also not supposed to put on lotion while wearing this, but Calgary is so dry that you can't avoid it. So by the end of the second day, the matte effect was turning a bit shiny.

Next one up is OPI Russian Navy Suede. I absolutely loved this polish. I actually really love the way the suede polishes look. But that may just be because I'm a sucker for shimmer. It's a blue matte polish with silver shimmer. I took this picture right after I put it on so I could get it before it started chipping. So damn perdy.

These polishes go on a bit thick, but relatively smooth. They dry really really fast, good for if you want a fast manicure before going out. The one issue I have is the brushes. I don't know what's wrong with it. Don't know if it's just me, but one half of the brush would end up with lots of polish, the other half wouldn't have any. I tried changing up the way that I swiped the side of the bottle but it didn't seem to matter. It's just... odd. I don't know. Just an fyi, I guess.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

OPI California Raspberry

So I put this on last night, then this morning I set up my new tv. Screws+perfectly painted nails=chipping. It's not bad, but it's not as flawless as it could be. And between the time I painted my nails and taking a picture of it, I swapped this polish with my best friend for a similar, but more shimmery and redder polish. So... Pretend I'm holding a bottle? Hahaha.

As usual, click pictures to see in hi-res.

This is a very interesting polish. It's a blue based pink/red. In lower lights, this looks dark pink, but in brighter lights, it looks red. It kinda looks really crappy on me because I've got so much yellow in my skin so I swapped it away.

This is the usual two coats but it was opaque in one. Very rich colours, went on very smooth. But I didn't bother with cleanup as I didn't really like the colour. I wish it stayed that gorgeous red when I bought it at the salon. Oh well.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hi there!

I'm a newbie blogger that's moved from livejournal. I would like this blog to be a resource for other nail polish fans out there. I know when I find a good colour, I usually go online, google the polish swatches and read reviews first before I get the polish. Or I go online to google swatches to find a specific shade of polish I want. So, hopefully, someone out there will find something useful here.

My love for nail polish only started recently. Probably about four months ago. I read an article about OPI's Matte Russian Navy and that started me on this path of nail polish addiction. I needed that colour, so I headed out to my nearest salon to get it. Sadly, they didn't have it, but I was drawn to the other gorgeous colours they had and that was my first batch purchase. Because it was my first, OPI has a special place in my heart. The majority of my collection consists of OPI polishes, but I am trying to expand. My favourite colours are red, blue, and purple. And I've been on the hunt for the perfect green for a little while. I tend to love my dark colours, but I also love neutrals.

I still don't have OPI's Matte Russian Navy though. Can't find it in Calgary.

I'm going to start by copying and pasting a few of my old entries from livejournal to here. They'll be post-dated to when they were originally posted and tags on all pictures will be from my livejournal. To anyone who's read this, comment! Tell me you're there!

Edit 12/7/09: I found that picture that started me on the hunt for OPI Russian Navy Matte. The lighting makes the polish look much lighter than the actual polish. I liked the picture better.

Image Source: Marrie Claire