Thursday, October 29, 2009

MAC Seriously Hip

I'm such a sucker for green. When I first saw this colour, I couldn't figure out if I liked it for its own sake or just because it was a green. I wasn't entirely ready to buy it while standing at the counter, but the moment the sales girl mentioned it was limited edition, I had to have it. I can't quite figure out if I'm happy or sad about that decision.

Seriously Hip is an incredibly dark olive green with gold shimmer. I have yet to figure out if the base polish is actually black or just a very very dark olive green. In low light it looks black. In indirect light it looks black with flecks of something in it. In artificial light, it looks like a wicked dark green with some large gold shimmer. In direct sunlight, it actually looks like it does in the bottle. In no light at all except for the flash of my camera does it ever actually look like the picture. Lol. I'm sorry I couldn't manage to get a picture of it in direct sunlight. I put it on and ended up going to work, which completely ruined it.

I'm really unhappy with this manicure. I wasn't used to the brush so ended up botching it. OPI wide brushes have spoiled me. This is two coats of colour with standard base and top. It's opaque in two coats. It applies fine. Not sure if that's enough for the $14.50 CAD I paid for it. But it is definitely a unique colour.

Overall, I am totally meh over this polish. I might redo the manicure for Halloween and see how I feel about it then. If my opinion changes, will update.

Edit: Well, hello reader. I found out something today. Seriously Hip is not a shimmer, it is a glitter. I found that out after rubbing again and again with nail polish remover and finding the little gold bits weren't going away. I love how glitter looks, just hate how it comes off. But Vampy Varnish has a lovely tutorial on how to take off glitter polish, definitely check it out.


  1. Hey,

    Just discovered your blog!
    Go Canucks!
    Anyhoo, if you like this colour, but not the application, why don't you try China Glaze Wagon Trail? It's awesome!!!

  2. It's been sitting on my wishlist. I'm just waiting for a chance to get it. I definitely love the dark olive green with gold idea.

    And when you say go Canucks I hope you mean Canadian and not the hockey team. I'm a Calgary Flames fan through and through.

    Thanks very much for reading. Just out of curiosity though, how'd you find this place?

  3. No, I mean Canadian!!
    Do you ever use eBay? That's how I bought mine?
    I found your site bookmarked on someone else's blog.

  4. I think I'll have to go through 88 beauty and have it shipped. But I shall wait until after Christmas to see if I get it first. =)

    And thanks for letting me know.


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