Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Review: China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat

Well, while I'm at it, I'm going to review China Glaze's quick dry top coat. It's gotten some seriously shitty reviews. Generally the comments are that it stinks like crazy and smudges your mani.

On the smell, it's strong yes, but not as bad as some people are making it sound. I've definitely smelled worse. This isn't too bad. On the smudging of your mani, yes. But, if you can get it on in three swipes, you won't have to worry about that. This is definitely a three swipes and you're out sort of top coat. Any more than that and you get the polish under getting pulled along with the brush.

It does dry fast though. And it dries nice and hard along with good shine. So, it's up to you what you pick.

What quick dry top coats do you guys recommend?

Edit: And after wearing this for a couple days, I'm going to recommend against getting this top coat. It really doesn't do anything in the way of preventing chips. There's also a chance it's the Gosh polish's fault though, as I've never worn it before and don't know how well it lasts. So if there's any change, will edit again.

Edit 2: Twas not the top coat, but the nail polish itself that resulted in the chipping. I've currently worn this with OPI for the same amount of time and it's fine. Still not recommending Fast Forward though.


  1. hey fellow cowtown-er..

    I love the Sally Beauty supply brand In A Hurry airdry topcoat. also loving the same brands Gelous base coat too. I've had no shrinkage w/the top coat and it dries fast, hard and shiny. the price is good too. :)

    you had any luck spotting any flakies here? I picked up Merry Midnight, but am lemming some others..

    -karen :)

  2. Another Calgarian! Yay! Hahaha.

    And regarding flakies, no, I haven't seen any. But if you're looking for the OPI Christmas ones, depends if you're willing to pay full price. If you are, Chatters will have some. Um, Glamour secrets up in Cross Iron Mills had some. Although I think Glamour secrets does a buy 3 for $24 deal. Chatters will do buy two for $15. But that's different for each store so call and ask. *Scratches head* That's about all I can remember. And more or less hit every single salon that does nails if you happen to be around. You never know what they'll have. =)


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