Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pick My Polish!

For the past three or so weeks StBF has been picking out my nail polish and I have to admit, it's been a lot of fun. I really look forward to seeing what she picks and leaving her with the tough choice of which polish to wear next has been pretty win. So for this month, I'm going to extend the pick-my-polish to you guys. Each of you get to choose one polish that I will wear and swatch in the order it was picked. So anything that has 'N' under the swatched column in the spreadsheet is up for picking.** And if this turns out to be a success, I wouldn't mind extending it indefinitely. Just comment on this entry with the polish you want to see.

Find the list HERE.

So I already have six picks lined up from my friends because I was worried no one was going to pick anything and I was worried that that would start me on a slow but steady decline into depression and then six months from now I would be standing on the roof of my work looking down at various shoppers, firemen, and policemen as I contemplate how much of a failure I am because no one had any interest in picking my polish. So... Yeah, it just seemed like a good idea. And it would give you guys time to pick.

Currently the list is:
1) OPI Charmed by a Snake (Pants)
2) OPI I Only Drink Champagne (Katjo)
3) OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue (Kimber)
4) China Glaze Flying Dragon (Chey)
5) OPI Sand in My Suit (Mels)
6) Sally Hansen Valentino (Jenel)
7) OPI Mauving to Manitoba (Small Town Gal)
8) Sally Hansen Crushed Velvet (Colette)
9) Orly Enchanted Forest (jaljen)
10) Sally Hansen Gunmetal (fishgirl182)
11) OPI Russian Navy (Mary Beth)
12) OPI Concerto in Copper (PolishPig)
13) China Glaze Prize Winning Mare (Kelsea)
14) China Glaze Gussied Up Green (Brandi)
15) OPI DS Classic (Antonea)
16) OPI She's Golden (Lianne)

**A couple of these have already been swatched, but I wouldn't mind redoing them as they were crappy to begin with. There have also been a few polishes reserved for Christmas.

Edit 1/1/10: I am no longer taking picks. Stay tuned for round two.


  1. OPI - Mauving to Manitoba, I'm considering tracking this down so you could help me make up my mind ;)

  2. I'm going to vote for Sally Hansen Crushed Velvet =)

    Great idea posting your stash to Google Docs, I've been thinking about it but (like so many things) haven't gotten around to it yet.

  3. Orly, Enchanted Forest, please. I have no Orly and I think cremes are neglected and I love greens. Great idea btw!

  4. i vote for sally hansen gunmetal. fun idea!

  5. I'm so glad you guys made picks. I was totally thinking no one was going to comment. Hahaha.

    Small Town Gal: I would be more than happy to help you make up your mind. Although your pick will probably happen mid month. I hope that isn't too late.

    Colette: Oh! I look forward to trying that colour, it's in my never worn pile. And I knew for a while that I was going to make a pick my polish month, so I had time to slowly get my stash all into a doc.

    jaljen: I agree, green is awesome. And yes, cremes are neglected. But the shimmers and glitters just draw my attention away. So thank you for drawing it back.

    fishgirl182: Thanks for your pick! I thought it'd be pretty fun too. =)

  6. OPI Russian Navy! I am going to add you to my blog roll! nailnovice.blogspot.com

  7. Thanks for the pick, will add to the list and thanks for the link. Gonna go check out your blog. =)

  8. OPI Concerto in Copper Would be nice. I'm curious about all of this series, it was a christmas release a couple of years back I think.

  9. Added! And I believe it was defo before three free. So quite a while back.

  10. China Glaze Prize Winning Mare! I don't own it, but I wish I did! I'll just live vicariously through you owning it! haha =)

  11. *Facepalm* I forgot I owned this polish. But it's been added to the list! I hope you like it. =)

  12. How about Gussied up Green? Unless you're saving it for around Christmas time!

  13. Nope, that's good to go. The only ones being saved for Christmas are Emerald sparkle and Ruby Pumps. I shall add yours to the list too. =)

  14. How about DS Classic! I am dying to own it! i've seen about 10 pics of it but its just never enough. At least not until i own it.

    I have my polishes on a database. I'm working on creating a query so that i can look up polishes by finish, color, price, store i bought it from, colors i've swatched... etc.
    But i like the idea of a spreadsheet to share with everyone on my blog as well. Cool idea!

  15. Done. Will add. Looking at it now, I have reservations about it. There's a chance I might be swapping this one away. But I'll see after I swatch it.

    I wish I could get my spreadsheet that organized, but I definitely don't remember how much I paid and where I got a lot of my polishes. Right now I'm considering adding a when I swatched polish to my spreadsheet so people can look it up if they're interested.

  16. New reader here, I'd really like to see Orly's She's Golden at some point! :) Hoping that it's somewhat similar to RBL's Moxie, since that doesn't seem to be available anymore.. Sigh.

  17. You mean OPI She's Golden? If yes, then I shall add it to the list. =)

  18. Haha, that would be it! *facepalm*


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