Sunday, January 31, 2010

OPI Princesses Rule!

Ok, well, sun, you better start showing up on weekends because if you don't, I'm going to run out of good polish pics. I've been wanting to do swatches for the last two weekends but no sunlight. Cross your fingers for this coming weekend. It says sunlight. I have a bunch of polishes I want to get done including the ones I will be giving away. (And no, I am not giving away used polish. I bought duplicates, one for me, one for a lucky winner.) And so, please follow me. Lol. I'm going to pimp myself so hard until I hit that magic 100.

Anyhow, here is Princesses Rule! I love light pinks. I especially love glittery sheer colours like this. Example: OPI Up Front and Personal (gold version), OPI Hollywood Blonde (nude version), OPI Stars in My Eyes (silver version), Cozu-Melted in the Sun (peachy-pink version), and OPI Dazzle Me (green version). They're so great for layering and absolutely glow in lower lights. Which is another thing I love, so often polishes require bright sunlight to shine, these are different, they just illuminate your nails in lower lights. Are there any others out there? Blue maybe? Princess is microglitter packed in a sheer pink base. In artificial light, the glitter shines green and pink. Just beautiful.

This is two coats and top coat. Not much to say, applies well. Could be fine with one coat for just a really subtle shiny and glittery on your fingers.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ok, here's the deal

Giveaway at 100 followers. I'm sick of having this bag of nail polish sitting on my desk. So get me to 100 followers and I will give them all away. There are greens, there are purples, there are Canadian exclusives, there are others that you can't get down in the states. I have a stamping plate, scraper, and stamp. And if I find more polishes of interest on my adventures tomorrow at London drugs, I will add that to the prize. So... FOLLOW ME!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge Om

Aw man, this looked so good in the picture. Too bad it just didn't look good on me. Probably the yellow undertone of my asian skin. It's now been swapped away.

I would call this a dusty pink peach.

Two coats. I will admit, the RBL formula is smoooth like buttah. Is it $18 worth of smooth butter though? I have no idea, in my opinion, probably not. I don't think any polish is worth $18. I did have a slight issue with the brush though. It fans out at the end without having pressure applied to it, I found it a bit hard to use, but it's nothing big, just an observation.

I really wish this polish worked for me. I love how it looks. *Sigh*

Thursday, January 21, 2010

OPI She's Golden

The very last pick for round one. Made by Lianne.

My head hurts so I'm going to try and get this out quick as I can and head off to bed.

She's Golden is a white polish with gold shimmer. It's actually a lot whiter than I originally thought it'd be. I firgured it'd be a bit more gold. The gold shimmer adds an extra dimension, but in the end it is definitely a white polish. There is no mistaking that.

**Original picture here. See updated pics below.**

So Lianne, this is nothing like the pictures of RBL Moxie I've seen. I think if you want to get closer, try Essie Amalfi (although it is really sheer). I'll have pictures of that one up soon for you. And this picture is crappy. Really really crappy. So unattractive. I'm stuck at school for all the best sunshine hours so this is a picture done in artificial light. I'll see if I can do some sunlight swatches of this in the next couple weeks and I'll edit this entry with them.

Anyhow, this is three coats, no top coat. Very smooth application. Surprisingly non-streaky despite its sheerness. I think you can do this as a one coater for a goldie pearlescent look. I did three coats to see if I could get to fully opaque. But still a visible nail line.

Edit 2/14/2010: I actually took a lot of pics for this one. None of these have top coat. The first two is just two coats. I actually really liked the way this looks. You can see the pink from my nail beds showing through.

The next few pics are with three coats. The second one isn't direct sunlight. I kinda hoped to capture how sheer it was.

Monday, January 18, 2010

OPI DS Classic

Antonea's pick.

Bah, I just don't ever learn. I can't pull off colours like this, but I just keep getting them. Classic is a light brown holographic shimmer. Totally doesn't work with my skin tone. *Sad face*

This is three coats, no top coat. There really isn't much to say that hasn't been said about the Designer Series polishes. They apply great. This one is a wee bit sheer, so I added one extra coat for full coverage, but it's totally wearable at two.

Only one more pick left in pick my polish. I can't believe it. If anyone is interested in another pick my polish month, please let me know. I'll probably do one again, but if you guys aren't really interested, I'll wait until next year or something to do another PMP month.

Friday, January 15, 2010

China Glaze Gussied Up Green

Brandi's pick.

This green is absolutely fantastic. Not as fantastic as it looked in the bottle though. It's got an I'm-gonna-whip-open-my-trench-coat-and-flash-you-my-blue look in the bottle, but on the nail you never see that. It still looks great though. This is a forest green with gold shimmer. You can definitely see Gussied Up's blue leanings though. I like to think of it as its junk is showing. I really love the combination of green, blue, and gold. (Yes, I know, green is technically blue+yellow, so all green has blue, but I'm going to mention it as part of the combo anyway.)

This is three coats, and only because I screwed up my pinky. It would have been perfect in two. No top coat. There wasn't anything else to note about it's application. Went on smooth, blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada.

In my opinion, I think the blue base makes this really wearable for us with the cool skin tones. And the gold shimmer makes it wearable for those with the warm skin tones. I love this colour. Totally recommend it.

And I honestly can't get over how awesome the Rodeo Diva collection was. You're probably going to hear this from me every time I post with a polish from that collection. Soooooo winsome.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

China Glaze Prize Winning Mare

Kelsea's pick.

Oh man, I love the colour brown. Why, I don't know, but I just do. Prize Winning Mare is a brown polish with gold shimmer. This polish makes me want to burrow in a pile of blankets and never leave. It's so fantastically warm. I'm surprised I like it, as I'm generally more into the cool colours.

This is two coats with no top coat. This polish is a bit thin, but it's perfect after the second coat. Other than that, there wasn't really much else of note in application. Pss, ignore that random sparkle on my ring finger. You can really notice it in the natural light picture. While making my way to the window to get the pictures, I smacked my hand against a Christmas ornament hanging from my bed and a sparkle attached itself to my still slightly wet nail.

The Rodeo Diva collection by China Glaze, which is the collection this polish is from, is sort of amazing. It's just got one winner after another. If I can remember correctly, the next polish is also from this collection. It is a stunner.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

OPI Concerto in Copper

PolishPig's pick.

This darling is a frosty copper polish with gold and copper glitter. And it totally looks like a shiny copper penny on your nails.

This is three coats, no top coat. You can still see a little bit of nail line at two coats. For a frost, it's not all that streaky.

I actually really like this colour. The glitter gives it a little more dimension and the colour is very interesting.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

OPI Russian Navy

Wow have I been busy today. I spent the better part of the day swatching. Got six swatches done (One is actually a re-swatch of my first ever swatch, go check that out here). Again, those bloggers out there who do collections, you amaze me. Just a little warning for you guys. I head back to school on Monday after eight months off. So things might be a little rocky for a while. We'll see how it goes. Part of the reason I got all these swatches done was to hopefully keep things consistent until I get settled back in. I'll try to post every three days.

Anyway, here's Mary Beth's pick.

Russian Navy has been swatched and talked about a lot so I'm not sure what more I can really add to it. In the bottle it looks kinda purple, on the nails it looks like a shimmery, shiny, navy blue. RN is highly pigmented with blue shimmer. The shimmer gives it a lit from within sort of look. I really love how dark and deep this colour is. I really wish I had gotten a sunshine pic, but it was snowy all yesterday.

I had read somewhere that if you did three coats you would end up seeing the purple, but I didn't see any purple. Although I never got a chance to see it in sunlight. So I have no idea. You're good to go in two coats. This is three with top coat. So shiny. Goes on really smooth.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sally Hansen Gunmetal

fishgirl182's pick.

*Blithers* This is one of those colours that I bought on impuse, then regretted buying because I thought I wouldn't like it, and then fell in love with after wearing it. It's just absolutely amazing. Omg, I can't stop looking at it. The polish is perfectly named, it definitely looks like gunmetal in my opinion, and it reminds me of this picture (Source) Gunmetal is a frosted bluish gunmetal grey. It'll look more or less blue depending on the light.

Picture is with flash in artificial light. Two coats and it's perfect. I like how it's a frost, but has almost no brush strokes. I also like how they now have a flat brush. It's not wide like the OPIs, but it just feels like it has better control. I didn't have to do any cleanup.

This is still on shelves in their regular collection so I highly recommend picking it up.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Orly Enchanted Forest

Jaljen's pick.

I think you guys are probably sick of hearing me say how much I love a polish. But really, I love this polish. It's a slightly greyed out deep forest green from the 2009 Once Upon a Time collection. Just beautiful.

Two coats. Goes on very smooth. This is the first Orly I've ever tried and I hope all polishes are like this one. The first coat was streaky, but everything was fine and dandy after a second coat. This polish is definitely a keeper.

Happy New Year Everyone!

I can't believe it's already been a year. I can't even believe that I've been blogging here for a little over three months now. Time's just flown by. Anyhow, I just wanted to wish all of you a Happy New Year. I honestly can't believe you follow me. It's the weirdest thing ever. Hahaha. But I'm very grateful. 43 of you. Just mind-boggling.

Hope this year is better than the last. Much love,