Friday, January 15, 2010

China Glaze Gussied Up Green

Brandi's pick.

This green is absolutely fantastic. Not as fantastic as it looked in the bottle though. It's got an I'm-gonna-whip-open-my-trench-coat-and-flash-you-my-blue look in the bottle, but on the nail you never see that. It still looks great though. This is a forest green with gold shimmer. You can definitely see Gussied Up's blue leanings though. I like to think of it as its junk is showing. I really love the combination of green, blue, and gold. (Yes, I know, green is technically blue+yellow, so all green has blue, but I'm going to mention it as part of the combo anyway.)

This is three coats, and only because I screwed up my pinky. It would have been perfect in two. No top coat. There wasn't anything else to note about it's application. Went on smooth, blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada.

In my opinion, I think the blue base makes this really wearable for us with the cool skin tones. And the gold shimmer makes it wearable for those with the warm skin tones. I love this colour. Totally recommend it.

And I honestly can't get over how awesome the Rodeo Diva collection was. You're probably going to hear this from me every time I post with a polish from that collection. Soooooo winsome.


  1. Looks great on you! Still can't believe I haven't added this to any of my orders.

  2. gildedangel: Thankya, darlin'.

    Brandi: Dooooo it.

  3. Very pretty shade of green, it suits you :)

  4. If fits you beautifully.

    I absolutely regret that I picked "Rodeo Fanatic" (the dark turquoise) from the same collection instead of this one. This green is unique, perfect.

  5. Rodeo Fanatic is actually one of the colours I don't have. I really want to own all of the Rodeo Diva collection eventually. What you do you think of Rodeo Fanatic?

  6. It's a great dark turquoise color in the bottle. You can see flashes of purple on here in sunlight but those don't show up on nails. As beautiful the color might be, it unfortunately weirdly clash with my skintone (fair, pink) like most of turquoise blue polishes. I've seen in on a dark skinned lady, though and it was gorgeous on her. Very vibrant.


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