Sunday, January 31, 2010

OPI Princesses Rule!

Ok, well, sun, you better start showing up on weekends because if you don't, I'm going to run out of good polish pics. I've been wanting to do swatches for the last two weekends but no sunlight. Cross your fingers for this coming weekend. It says sunlight. I have a bunch of polishes I want to get done including the ones I will be giving away. (And no, I am not giving away used polish. I bought duplicates, one for me, one for a lucky winner.) And so, please follow me. Lol. I'm going to pimp myself so hard until I hit that magic 100.

Anyhow, here is Princesses Rule! I love light pinks. I especially love glittery sheer colours like this. Example: OPI Up Front and Personal (gold version), OPI Hollywood Blonde (nude version), OPI Stars in My Eyes (silver version), Cozu-Melted in the Sun (peachy-pink version), and OPI Dazzle Me (green version). They're so great for layering and absolutely glow in lower lights. Which is another thing I love, so often polishes require bright sunlight to shine, these are different, they just illuminate your nails in lower lights. Are there any others out there? Blue maybe? Princess is microglitter packed in a sheer pink base. In artificial light, the glitter shines green and pink. Just beautiful.

This is two coats and top coat. Not much to say, applies well. Could be fine with one coat for just a really subtle shiny and glittery on your fingers.


  1. I had been waffling about this one, but you've convinced me!

  2. gildedangel: Thank you, as always. =)

    Momo Berry: Go for it! It's such a great colour.

  3. I love this color more every time I see it, I really need to pick it up!

    Follower #70, hope you get to 100 soon, I'd love to win a giveaway LOL!

  4. I really think this a fantastic colour, if you couldn't tell from my post. But I say pick it up!

    And thank you very much!

  5. The baby pink is gorgeous. I love that it is unique!
    It is the perfect one for me.

  6. Pretty pink, it's quite a nice understated polish

  7. cheap r4 ds: In my totally biased opinion, it's one of the best pinks ever.

    Kelly: *Nods* I love how it's totally understated and yet in low light, it just glows.

    yardsticks 4 lunatics: Hahaha, it's actually just one polish in two different lights. I love how it looks different. And thank you!

  8. you know, I've never actually worn this one by itself - but it is really pretty! I was wearing it yesterday over OPI That's Hot Pink :)

  9. I saw that. It totally adds extra oomph to any polish. And yeah, it looks fantastic alone too.


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