Friday, January 1, 2010

Orly Enchanted Forest

Jaljen's pick.

I think you guys are probably sick of hearing me say how much I love a polish. But really, I love this polish. It's a slightly greyed out deep forest green from the 2009 Once Upon a Time collection. Just beautiful.

Two coats. Goes on very smooth. This is the first Orly I've ever tried and I hope all polishes are like this one. The first coat was streaky, but everything was fine and dandy after a second coat. This polish is definitely a keeper.


  1. wow, I've never seen a green color like this before, only lighter ones! cool!


  2. I spotted this at Sally's on sale. I'm not really much of a forest green girl, but it seems to be greyer/blacker than just deep forest green. I keep flip-flopping on this one...!

  3. *Nods* It is definitely greyed out. It's not a pure green. I'd say grab it. But I'm totally biased. I think it's a fantastic colour.

  4. Thank you for this! I missed it when you posted it. It is lovely but I think the new green from Orly - Wandering Vine - might be even nicer/lighter.
    I think it so great that you are doing these requests!

  5. I really enjoyed taking the requests. So I'm glad you like. I like Enchanted Forest for its dark and dusty quality, wandering vine has its own brighter character. I'm still wondering if I should get it or not. I'll wait until I see it in the bottle. =)

  6. My friend just won two free ORLY nail polishes with a charm bracelet. We are both unsure of how she got them. Do you know of any competitions involving this nail varnish?
    P.S. Thanks for this article, we would not have done 2 coats without it.
    The colour is dark green is beautiful.

  7. Sorry, I have no idea where this would be. Did they not email you telling you where it was from or anything?


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