Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge Om

Aw man, this looked so good in the picture. Too bad it just didn't look good on me. Probably the yellow undertone of my asian skin. It's now been swapped away.

I would call this a dusty pink peach.

Two coats. I will admit, the RBL formula is smoooth like buttah. Is it $18 worth of smooth butter though? I have no idea, in my opinion, probably not. I don't think any polish is worth $18. I did have a slight issue with the brush though. It fans out at the end without having pressure applied to it, I found it a bit hard to use, but it's nothing big, just an observation.

I really wish this polish worked for me. I love how it looks. *Sigh*


  1. I think it looks pretty awesome via your swatch photos, but I understand that it is always different for the person wearing it!

  2. That's a very pretty polish! I've been wanting a shade like this for ages.

  3. I do like this shade with your skin...!

  4. It's very pretty but I agree with the price point issue. I would have such a hard time parting with 18 bucks for a polish.

  5. Honestly? I don't see it, it looks great on you! Get it back ASAP, lol :-P

  6. Delaynee: The swatch pics actually look amazing. I think it's because the direct sunlight washes out the yellow in my skin so it works better and then out of direct sunlight, it was sort of shadowed and the light was more blue and made my skin look less yellow. Sadly, in real life it just didn't work out.

    Kelly: It's a fantastic shade. It's too bad there doesn't seem to be a dupe of it. And it's pretty darn pricey.

    Natalie: Gosh, the pictures look so good don't they? It's just too bad in real life my skin doesn't look like that.

    gildedangel: Sadly, only in pics. =(

    Might Lambchop: Yes, you could buy so many other polishes for $18 and you have to pay for shipping too if you're not in New York.

    Michele: Hahaha, it's gone, it's been shipped already. So it ain't happening. But the pics look great, it's the real life I had issue with. It just totally looked weird and blended in with my skin.

  7. Oh, that looks like almost the perfect light pink polish I've been looking for. If it was little more lighter... *keeps searching the one*

  8. I think it looks beautiful on, in both lights. But the polish looks different in the bottle and on, and even different sometimes when it's wet v. dry.

    (Of course, also saying that as an RBL girl who sympathizes ...)

  9. Yeah, it is definitely a hard to capture polish. =)


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