Thursday, February 25, 2010

PSA: Rescue Beauty Lounge Sale

I wasn't going to bother posting this as I was sure everyone else was going to do it but I don't see many other announcements. So here it is. I got this in my email:


It's an ultimate set!
7 Fabu nail polishes for only $50
(retail for $126)
These polishes are going to be discontinued.
Snatch them up now for a huge discount before it's too late. When they're gone...they're gone.

Oddly, it says 48 hour sale, but it doesn't say from when to when. I most likely won't be taking part. Their light colours just don't seem to work for me. And shipping to Canada is still $38.50. Absolutely ridiculous.


  1. I made a post about the shipping to Canada on my blog. I emailed them about the shipping and they didn't respond.
    I'm mad that they are discontinuing Square Pants! that was one of the colours I wanted to order!

  2. The shipping price is ridiculous. They said they were working on it last time they had a 50% off sale. But it hasn't changed. I'm not huge on Square Pants. But maybe you can get it in a swap? I'm sure after this, people will have bottles that they may not want.

  3. True! If anyone reading this gets the sale pack and doesn't want Squarepants, LET ME KNOW!! :D

  4. Hahaha, and that's how you work on getting a swap. Lol.

  5. I agree PP; it is ridiculous!! Doesn't RBL realize it could double its sales if it decreased its international shipping prices??

  6. Yeeees. It's a $30 more to ship up to Canada than it is to ship within the states. Insane.

  7. I got so excited when I saw the subject line "48 HOUR SALE" but then I sad panda-ed when I saw the shades being offered. Eh. Too bad.

    I loved your comment on my blog, "I use pop. But I'm Canadian." Haha, you still count, lady! <3

  8. )= at the shipping fee.

    Why. Just... Why.

  9. Stephanie: Yeah, the shades were all pretty boring and meh. I guess that's why they're getting discontinued. And you said what region of the US, so I thought I didn't count. Lol.

    Cailley: I know. Super sad face about that.

  10. RBL needs to get a serious dose of common sense. They would have far more orders if their shipping policy was not so ridiculous toward non US people. I am tempted by a lot of their shades but never in this life will I ever pay 38$ to get a couple of polishes shipped to me. They lose a lot of sales but eh, I suppose people run their business as they wish.

  11. And the $38 is especially bad considering how pricey their polish is.


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