Thursday, February 18, 2010

Zoya Veruschka

Ah, more green.

Veruschka is a forest green matte packed with silver shimmer. So it's completely blingy without being shiny. I really love this, but I think I'm sick of the matte look. I almost always slap a topcoat onto whatever matte polish I'm wearing. So I've got both looks here.

This is two coats. It's slightly thick and goopy, but nothing you can't work with, just be more careful.

Adding topcoat just makes it that much more blingy.


  1. Aww, I was going to try to mattify Orly Enchanted Forrest (as some bloggers said it's a dupe of Veruschka), and you already have enough of matte look, lol

  2. Oh I'm always up for having a looksee. =)

  3. We match! =) I am wearing Verushka right now also ... although it's gone through quite a few phases LOL. When I get done editing pics I'm going to have 5 different looks with this color. Right now I counted all my layers & I've got 10 coats of polish counting the Konad layers O.o

  4. I think Zoya Mattes are by far the best, colour, quality, application are amazing!It looks lovely on you both matte and glossy :)

  5. I just got this yesterday - isn't it funny how we are all putting top coats on our mattes and matting our jellies and flakies?!?!


    I love your nails!


  6. I like it a lot with topcoat. I have this one from the Zoya Green Friday thing but I haven't tried it out yet. Great pictures!

  7. I was really excited about this green until I had a complete mani fail with it LOL

  8. l0verlada: Oh it so is!

    Colette: Hahaha. I look forward to that post!

    Katie: Thanks. And this is the only matte Zoya I've tried. I find all the mattes to be similar though.

    yardsticks 4 lunatics: Thankya darlin'. And it's fantastic. It's like you double the amount of polish in your stash. =)

    Stephanie: Thanks, and my Veruschka is also from the Green Friday sale. It always takes me a while to get around to untrieds.

    gildedangel: I love it!

    Niki: Oh, you're so funny. It says matte on the bottle! But give it another chance, I think you'll like it. =)

  9. I know I said this on your last green polish post, but:

    *drools over greens* My oh my, I do love a green polish. Seriously. I wish I could get my hands on some Zoya! :D

  10. I was actually astounded how good this looked. The bottle is frosted so you can't really see it. It's amazing.


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