Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sally Hansen Passion Plum

I just want start off by saying that this is not an Ott Lite post. Meaning that these pics were taken before the Ott Lite. I have two sets of pics backlogged from a while back that still need to be posted. And then there will be Ott Lite pics. *Squeal* Oh, and I went and updated my last post with pics. Check that out here.

Passion Plum is a deep dark shimmery purple. This is from the Canadian exclusive Passport to Milan collection. The shimmer is actually very subtle so sometimes it looks more like a creme. It's also dark enough that it looks almost black in lower lights, but it's oh so shiny. Oddly, when I took these pics, they were perfectly colour accurate. I would also highly recommend clicking to see the higher res pics. The small ones don't show any of the shimmer.

This is two coats, no topcoat. Good application.

Now onto something not polish. I have pictures. And why take pictures if you aren't going to share? I had my Birthday brunch today and I totally took pics.

I had the eggs benedict. So good. And these are definitely some of the best potatoes I've ever had. Delicious.

StBF had the smoked salmon omelette. I can't say much about it since I didn't try it.

And now check out this Swarovski crystal rubber duck. I think it's so cute. Its little glasses move too.

Friday, March 26, 2010


StBF got me an Ott Lite for my Birthday. I am so wicked excited right now. Bah, this no polish for two weeks thing is not going to last at all. I want to put some polish on so I can give this thing a test run. Heeee!

For anyone who doesn't know what an Ott Lite is, it's supposed to show true to life colours. It's made for crafters and such. But it's awesome for us bloggers.

Edit 3/27/2010: Here's a picture of my new lamp. I was so excited that I didn't even get all the packaging off before I took the pic.

It's a lot bigger than I thought it'd be. (Steph @ Short 'n Chic: "That's what she said." *Rolls eyes* I swear, at least half of the things I say end up with someone tacking on a TWSS.) Anyhow, I sort of love this thing. I'm sure the novelty will eventually wear it. But it's awesome and amazing. It's too bad that it's so retarded expensive though.

And here's a pic of some random polishes I had sitting on my desk. I have to play with the angles a bit more. It doesn't help that I don't have much room on my desk, as you can see with the earlier pic, it's a wee bit cluttered.

Those polishes are Maybelline Grapes Times, OPI Birthday Babe, and L.A. Colours Sand Storm, in case anyone's interested.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Color Club Wild at Heart

So... My nails have been naked for two days now. I wanted to keep them that way for 2 weeks. But I don't know if I can do it. It's my Birthday on Friday, I couldn't imagine not wearing nail polish. So, we shall see. Speaking of Birthdays, StBF said she should have bought me a cat because all the bloggers seem to have cats. If I had a cat, I'd fit in better. Lol.

Now onto the polish. My bottle so doesn't have a label on the bottom. But I'm 99% sure this is the right polish. Anyhow, this is an amazing deep purple holo. It's not as holo-y as some holos I've worn, but it's still gorgeous. As you will see shortly, I've been experimenting with poses and with a blue flower. I was hoping the blue flower would reduce blue-skew when photographing purple polishes. I can't really tell if it makes a difference or not. But anyway, have a looksee! All pics taken in direct sunlight.

I love how it changes colours when you change the angle. This is hours of entertainment for me. Two coats with topcoat. It's almost perfect in one, but I did two just in case. No drag at all.

Edit: I can't believe I forgot to mention this. This is the reason why I was posting to begin with. I won Toxin's Itty Bitty Aussie Giveaway!! *Squee* I'm so excited. *Throws confetti*

Edit 2: I would now like to draw your attention to my mushroom on the right. It's a candy holder. Hehehe.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nail Polish Stash

So this is my entire stash. Keep in mind this is the view from above. This is actually piled up and I forgot to take a pic of how high the pile is.

Totally click for higher res

Just figured I'd share.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Models Own Moody Grey

So I've spent the last week watching the entire second season of Chuck. Oh good golly gosh do I love Chuck. But yes, this is why I have been sorta... Not here. I am back now. I just watched the season finale today and crap, I can't wait to get the DVDs for the third season. Although that's going to be a while off.

Oh! *Waves to the guys from CP*

Anyhoodly, this is Moody Grey. This colour is meh. I don't love it, I don't hate it. I just wore it. It's a dark grey creme. What I really don't enjoy about it is the smell. It's not B3F so it stinks to high heaven. I don't make a huge fuss if a polish isn't B3F, but the smell I do not enjoy at all. This coupled with the dismal wear, I probably won't be getting anymore of these unless there's a colour I must have.

Two coats with topcoat. It's actually good in one, but I was a bit shakey in the application, so I did two. As I mentioned earlier, the wear sucked. I had chipping by the next day. And I had the same problem with other Models Own polishes. On one, I put it on before bed and by the time I woke up the next day, there were chips. Not awesome. Maybe it's my B3F base and top coats.

Now I would like to draw your attention to the picture of the moment on the sidebar. Please go look.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

L.A. Girl Addict

Hehehe, posting red on St. Patrick's Day. I'm such a rebel. Although there was a green spam earlier...

This is from the Rock Star collection and OMG I am in love. *Floats around with hearts trailing after* I would get a back up of this beauty if Cherry Culture's shipping weren't so obscene now.

Addict is a deep wine red jelly with gold flakies. What I absolutely love about this polish is the fact that you can actually see that the flakies are gold. I literally could not stop looking at my hands when I was wearing this. So. Freaking. Amazing. Now have some pictures. I sorta took a lot. In the lower light pics you can see just how gold those flakies are. *Loves*

This is two coats and top coat. Sorry for the crappy cleanup job. But I was in a hurry. This is really well pigmented, so it's a bit thick, but nothing you can't work with. *Sighs happily* So perdy.

Green Spam

I don't have anything new for you, so I figured I'd just spam you. Good plan? Y/N?

Oh, but I did update my FAQ with a link to a spreadsheet that has all the nail polishes I own listed. It's not complete, I'm not done collections and finishes, and I just bought three new polishes that aren't on that yet. (One of those is MAC Blue India.) But if you're interested, you can check that out on my FAQ page or HERE.

In other news, Niki, my 100 follower giveaway winner, has begun swatching some of the polishes she won, you can see that here.

And now have some spam. Some of these are old, so... forgive the bad lighting and such. If you want to read more about any of these polishes, you can just use the search tool on my sidebar.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ruffian Mani

Just a quick little post. I wasn't ever going to try this, as I suck when it comes to anything fancy with nails. But I had a bottle of black polish sitting out. So here it is.

Base is two coats China Glaze 2030. Mine applied like crap, maybe I'm just not good with it. Because I could not get it done in one coat. And top is my beloved Color Club Black. One coat. Just freaking one coat and it's done. And I used shiny top coat. I didn't feel like mattefying it.

Edit: Huh, just realized my pic isn't even watermarked. Definitely a quicky. And I also forgot the question of the post.

Question of the post: What is your favourite food?

For me, it's a toss up between Hawaiian pizza and lasagna. I love them both oh so very much. Mmm... I wonder if pineapple would taste good in a lasagna. And ham...

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Color Workshop Unnamed Polish

This may be one of the few times that I actually considered swatching the entire set of this polish. But I didn't, because my nails weren't in good shape and one of the polishes is a sheer pink. So that didn't happen.

This polish was from a set of five I got at London Drugs. It was after Christmas so I got it for 50% off. I was very excited about this buy. I loved almost all the colours, except the hot pink. Not feeling the hot pink. It came all nice and packaged in a little clear bag. The bag is really handy to have around for my short polishes.

In baggy:

Out of baggy:

Picture of tag:

So the bottles are really short. While I was looking at them, I was thinking, oh, they're really similar to wet n wild Craze polish bottles. I wonder how they compare. And here it is:

The bottles are identical. So I tweeted @wetnwildbeauty and found out that both wet n wild and The Color Workshop are actually both part of Markwins. I feel like such a detective... That didn't have to work too hard for the info, but still. Hahaha.

So, enough about the pack. Onto the polish. This is a purply, taupey, beige pearl. I absolutely love this colour. I have no idea what it is about it. But I was immediately drawn to it. It's a fantastic polish.

Three coats for full coverage. But the formula goes on smooth. And as with the Craze polishes, the brushes are short, but it's really not a huge deal, just gotta get used to it.

Question of the post: If your house were burning down, what three things would you grab? (Assume all your family, pets, roommates, whatever, were safe.)

I'd grab my hard drive that has all my pictures on it. I would grab my logs. (Let me explain to you what my logs are. Three or four years ago, StBF, and I decided to start a study log. Honestly, all this was was a journal between the two of us. We would write down things of interest or things of no interest. We'd write messages to each other. We shared a locker, so she'd leave me a message, and I'd read it when I hit the locker, and vice versa. We would draw in there. It originally started as just written text. But the whole thing spiralled out of control. We started gluing all sorts of pics in there. Movie stubs went in. Hockey game tickets. Concert tickets. Maps of museums we'd hit. We used it to document all the interesting things that happened while we were in school. That first log tripled in size because there's so much stuff glued into it. It's so battered that it's actually got to be kept in a bag so that it won't fall apart. Like, this thing is packed with random memories that I would cry bullets if I ever lost. We put so much love and time into it. We're actually on the third one now.) And I would grab my cell phone. Lol. Although now that I think about it, without a cord, my cell phone would be useless in a day.

I always start posts thinking it'll be a quick entry, but they never are.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


*Facepalm* So I am the biggest space case ever. Natalie over at On Beauty and Polish tagged me for a Best Blog Award the day before. Which is super awesome-possum. But I just about totally forgot to write about it. So here it is.

The rules of the award tag are as follows:
1. To accept the award, you must post it on your blog, with the name of the person who has given you the award, and a link to their blog.
2. Pass the award on to approximately 10-15 blogs that you have recently discovered and think are great!
3. Contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

My nods are (I have no idea who's been nominated before, so forgive me if you have):
1) Kaz at Pretty Random
2) Nathalie at jellynat
3) Alexa at Lextard
4) MeganChair at Little Music Boxes
5) SeeingSunshine at How Doth the Little Crocodile
6) Gladys at Nail Fanatic
7) Nihrida at Nihrida's Blog
8) Nora at Nail of the Week
9) AllYouDesire at AllYouDesire
10) Manatee Mama at Manicured Manatee
11) Sara at Daily Polish
12) Féline at alizarine claws
13) Michelle at The Lacquer Files
14) Michèle at Lacquerized
15) Stephanie and Betsy at Short 'n Chic
16) Janimal and Angel at Polish Wasteland (So I totally edited this in because I can't believe I forgot them. But I justify the edit because I just realized Nihrida was already nominated. Hehehe.)

Wow, that is one heck of a list. I would have more, but I ran out of spots. So if that's not enough blogs for you, totally check out my blog roll. Amazing ladies on that list.

And one more tag. The 10 things that make you happy tag. From Toxin at Toxic Lipstick. That is another blog you guys should be checking out. =)

1) My friends and family. Some of them may get annoying *cough* StBF *cough* but I wouldn't know what I would do without them. They keep me sane and make sure I don't cross the street without looking.

2) The mountains. I've been so blessed with where I live. Right at the base of the mountains. I've got this gorgeous view every time I drive out of my neighbourhood.

3) Costco chicken. For any of you that have access to a Costco, get their chicken. Sooooo good. HAHAHAHA.

4) Fresh air. I love it when I walk outside, take a deep breath and everything is fresh and new.

5) Chinooks. For anyone who doesn't know what this is, click here. They make Calgary winters so mild. So I really don't have anything to complain about when winter time rolls around.

6) Coffee. I don't think this actually makes me happy, it's probably just the caffeine. But that first sip every morning is joy.

7) Reading. To be able to just curl up with a book on a lazy afternoon is love.

8) DVDs. I have serious issues watching regular TV because my attention span is too short for commercials. But shows on DVD are awesome. I love just sitting at home and watching DVDs, TV shows or movies.

9) Music. When it comes right down to it, I have crappy taste in music. But that doesn't stop what I listen to from making me happy.

10) Learning. This is totally dorky, but I love learning new things. It's why I spend hours and hours in a museum. I'm an unpaid intern, but the stories I get from all the people I work with makes up for the lack of money and serious grunt work. Although money would be pretty sweet.

I'm not going to tag anyone else as it appears a lot of you have done it. But hope you've enjoyed this!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sally Hansen American Beauty

So I had a freaking huge ass brain fart. I saved these pics in small version. There is no hi-res version of these. Omg, I'm a freaking moron. And the thing is, you can't really see the awesome shimmer unless you looked at the big version. Boo on me. Boo. On. Me. ARGH. Events transpired to make me cranky before I did that, now I just feel like nothing is going right and want to scream. I am feeling frustration. Epic epic amounts of it.

This is American Beauty from the Canadian exclusive Runway collection. I had a shat load I wanted to write about it, but frankly, I'm not feeling it. So I'll just vomit up the notes I took on this when I wore it, which was a month ago.

-Deep plum in lower lights, lightens up in sunlight to purply red
-Sometimes looks blood red
-Pink, red, blue shimmer

-Three coats, fine at two

When I first saw pics of this I wanted it because it looked red and I regretted not getting it. And then StBF bought it for me. When I saw the bottle, I swore mine was mislabelled, it did not look red, it was purple. I was so disappointed. And StBF was like, "that is American Beauty, hmpff." So I looked some more and found everyone had different pics. At that point I figured I had to wear it and see for myself. And now I understand.

Question of the post: Do you have any nicknames? If so, what are they and why?

In real life, my most prevalent nicknames are Denger and Little One. Denger because it's a modification of my last name, which is Deng. I refuse to be called Deng because it sounds too much like dang. (Back story: I went to a Catholic school and kids would find ways of undermining authority at any opportunity. So they'd use my full name to swear, instead of just saying dang. And then when the teacher reprimanded them, they'd just say they were saying my name. I hated it. Absolutely hated it. So to this day, I will not allow anyone to call me Deng.) And my second nickname is Little One because I'm 5'1" and, well, little. So what about you guys?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

GOSH Golden Dragon

Hello my darlings! I think I'm back. I consider this my comeback. Lol. I've just written my last midterm for the semester. I feel healthy. I'm less stressed. It are fantastico. And new month, new banner. Thanks to StBF for the banner again. I'm kicking myself for not asking her to make me a green one to use for March.

Alright! This is Golden Dragon. Oh you are so perdyful. When I put this on, there was something about it that I just couldn't put my finger on and then I figured it out. The polish isn't green, it's blue. But it's so packed with gold shimmer that it looks green. You can totally see the blueness on pinky finger. Soooo amazing.

Two coats and topcoat. I think this could have used one more coat. But that could just be because this is up close and you can see every imperfection. I actually messed up ring finger. I totally scraped it against my desk after putting on top coat. Whoops, but it looks ok. The application is great. Loooooove this polish.

Anyhow, I actually think this is the best picture I've ever taken. I don't know why this turned out so well. Maybe it's the angle, but I think it looks fantastic. What do you guys think? Do you prefer this or the old pose? I probably won't continue this pose just because it's really awkward to hold and it's really really awkward to crop and watermark. But let me know what you think. And I probably won't be doing very many natural light pics anymore. I found it just really blued-out the polish. So unless it really captures the colour, I'm just cutting it out.

And one more new thing I'm starting. I got this idea from a friend. Thanks, Pants. She knows who she is. Anyway, starting today, I'm going to try and include a question at the end of each post that I'll answer and that I hope you guys will also answer. I sorta think this blog has no personality. So I'm hoping this way, you guys will get to know me better, and I'll get to know all of you better. And if you guys have questions to ask, definitely send them to me!

Question of the post: Let's start easy. What is your favourite colour? Not just for nail polish, in general.

Mine is green. My car is actually what started me on my green love. It is a forest green Mitsubishi Outlander. It was my dad's, now it's mine. I think it might also be why I'm drawn more to forest, hunter, deep, mossy greens rather than light mint ones.

So what about you guys?

Edit: This is a LONG post. Thanks to anyone who managed to get through all of it. Hehehe.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Illamasqua Nail Competition Entry

To read about the competition, click here. Originally I wasn't going to enter due to the realization that my dream polish was actually Essie Starry Starry Night. But then I was randomly flipping through pictures and found inspiration. So here is my entry:

I would love to see a mossy green jelly with gold glitter. So often the idea of moss, trees and earth is thought of as dirty, gritty, and heavy. I want a mossy polish that just screams delicate, beautiful, airy, and elegant with a touch of whimsy like this picture.