Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Color Club Wild at Heart

So... My nails have been naked for two days now. I wanted to keep them that way for 2 weeks. But I don't know if I can do it. It's my Birthday on Friday, I couldn't imagine not wearing nail polish. So, we shall see. Speaking of Birthdays, StBF said she should have bought me a cat because all the bloggers seem to have cats. If I had a cat, I'd fit in better. Lol.

Now onto the polish. My bottle so doesn't have a label on the bottom. But I'm 99% sure this is the right polish. Anyhow, this is an amazing deep purple holo. It's not as holo-y as some holos I've worn, but it's still gorgeous. As you will see shortly, I've been experimenting with poses and with a blue flower. I was hoping the blue flower would reduce blue-skew when photographing purple polishes. I can't really tell if it makes a difference or not. But anyway, have a looksee! All pics taken in direct sunlight.

I love how it changes colours when you change the angle. This is hours of entertainment for me. Two coats with topcoat. It's almost perfect in one, but I did two just in case. No drag at all.

Edit: I can't believe I forgot to mention this. This is the reason why I was posting to begin with. I won Toxin's Itty Bitty Aussie Giveaway!! *Squee* I'm so excited. *Throws confetti*

Edit 2: I would now like to draw your attention to my mushroom on the right. It's a candy holder. Hehehe.


  1. oh yea.. this is definitely wild at heart. I LOVE IT. How funny, I'm actually working on a scheduled post about this one too. Great minds think alike. =D

  2. I feel like a bunch of us are wearing this all at the same time. There are a couple other bloggers that have also blogged about this in the past week. Definitely great minds, dear.

  3. I want that polish bad! Congrats on the big win!
    Luv the shroom!

  4. I can't believe this is in my untrieds. So mesmerizing!

  5. Now I see I *really* need this one. =)

  6. Gorgeous! Love this one, have one ordered myself:P

  7. O. M. G. I effing love your flower. I think I've already shared my fake flower addiction with the internet world, but that one is really lovely...

    Oh, and the polish ain't bad, either ;)

  8. I love this color and you're right, everyone seems to be wearing it at once on here! Which make me sad because I wanted this polish and when I made my order on transdesign they were all out. *pout*

    And your mushroom reminds me of mario :] I need to dig out my old super nintendo now!

  9. WizardsOfBling: Thanks!

    KrisInPhilly: I know eh? I have so many amazing polishes in my untrieds too.

    nihrida: I highly recommend it.

    KONADomania: Hope you like it!

    Stephanie: Hahaha, I totally thought of you when I was taking the pic.

    SeeingSunshine: My mushroom is totally from Super Mario. =)

  10. I took my polish off on Thursday morning and wanted to give my nails a week long breather. But I think I'm over it. My nails are in pretty good condition, and I've got a thousand polishes I haven't even tried yet!

    "StBF said she should have bought me a cat because all the bloggers seem to have cats. If I had a cat, I'd fit in better. Lol." Lol, indeed! That is fabu.

    Ugh, I think I've mentioned this before but I canNOT believe I still don't own a single, true-blue holo polish! Also, belated Congratz on the win! And I did see that Mushroom when it was up: so cute!

  11. Lucky on the nice nails front. Take good care of them! And really? Not a single one? For me, holos were like my first novelty sort of polish. I loved them.

  12. Thanks, I will. :)

    Now that I think about it I do have OPI My Private Jet. I think it might actually be the holo version, but it has been so long since I've worn it that I can't quite remember. Maybe yes, maybe no.


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