Thursday, March 4, 2010

GOSH Golden Dragon

Hello my darlings! I think I'm back. I consider this my comeback. Lol. I've just written my last midterm for the semester. I feel healthy. I'm less stressed. It are fantastico. And new month, new banner. Thanks to StBF for the banner again. I'm kicking myself for not asking her to make me a green one to use for March.

Alright! This is Golden Dragon. Oh you are so perdyful. When I put this on, there was something about it that I just couldn't put my finger on and then I figured it out. The polish isn't green, it's blue. But it's so packed with gold shimmer that it looks green. You can totally see the blueness on pinky finger. Soooo amazing.

Two coats and topcoat. I think this could have used one more coat. But that could just be because this is up close and you can see every imperfection. I actually messed up ring finger. I totally scraped it against my desk after putting on top coat. Whoops, but it looks ok. The application is great. Loooooove this polish.

Anyhow, I actually think this is the best picture I've ever taken. I don't know why this turned out so well. Maybe it's the angle, but I think it looks fantastic. What do you guys think? Do you prefer this or the old pose? I probably won't continue this pose just because it's really awkward to hold and it's really really awkward to crop and watermark. But let me know what you think. And I probably won't be doing very many natural light pics anymore. I found it just really blued-out the polish. So unless it really captures the colour, I'm just cutting it out.

And one more new thing I'm starting. I got this idea from a friend. Thanks, Pants. She knows who she is. Anyway, starting today, I'm going to try and include a question at the end of each post that I'll answer and that I hope you guys will also answer. I sorta think this blog has no personality. So I'm hoping this way, you guys will get to know me better, and I'll get to know all of you better. And if you guys have questions to ask, definitely send them to me!

Question of the post: Let's start easy. What is your favourite colour? Not just for nail polish, in general.

Mine is green. My car is actually what started me on my green love. It is a forest green Mitsubishi Outlander. It was my dad's, now it's mine. I think it might also be why I'm drawn more to forest, hunter, deep, mossy greens rather than light mint ones.

So what about you guys?

Edit: This is a LONG post. Thanks to anyone who managed to get through all of it. Hehehe.


  1. That is a gorgeous polish! My favorite color of the moment is medium purple!

  2. Hahaha, I like how you said at the moment. It totally changes around.

  3. I love that polish! Very pretty [:
    I have a green car too! Well, it isn't mine, its my stepdads. A green subaru outback legacy. Anyways. I actually have 3 favorite colors, I can't pick just one. Purple, turquoise and silver!

  4. Really? Silver? For some reason, I don't see it as a colour, but that's just dumb, because I see gold as a colour. Lol.

  5. That may be the prettiest shade of green I have ever seen!

    My favorite color is black/red but I really like all colors.. :/

  6. I absolutely adore this green. I can't believe how long it took for me to try. And I love dark reds. I'm such a sucker for the blood/wine/cherry reds.

  7. Love this color, I'm trying to get it on my hands as I write this. I like the idea of a question at the end. My mom's favorite color was green so I was surrounded by it growing I can live without it mostly. (maybe that's why I love the hills in Cali when they are dried out and golden!) My son's fave is green also.
    I don't have a favorite. It always depends on my mood...if I had to choose one or lose my life? I'd die.

  8. "It always depends on my mood...if I had to choose one or lose my life? I'd die."

    LMAO. That is epically hilarious.

  9. Another green that I would absolutely love to get my paws on! It is a new one? I took a look at the Gosh nail polish at my local drugstore and didn't see that color. It sort of reminds me of OPIs Glacier Bay Blues in that blue/green effect. :)

    In terms of the photo, I like it. But I think your usual style of displaying the polish is really pretty and at least as good, if not better.

    Favorite color for stuff in general, eh? I tend to go for heavily saturated jewel tones and if I had to choose one it would be either a deep vivid purple (leaning towards "blurple" a la OPI Sapphire in the Snow) or an emerald green. Okay, that is two. I can't choose. Mostly I'm a big fan of black, lol.

  10. This one would have been from Winter 2009. I know last week Shoppers all over were clearing out their Gosh polish collections. So they're definitely hard to find now.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    I totally agree with you on the heavily saturated jewel tones. But not on black. I can't wear just black. I don't feel it at all.

  11. Hey girl hey! I didn't know that you were doing museum-y stuff! We should have a chat about it since I have no idea what I want to do with my life. All I know right now is that it's 4:30 in the morning and I have to be at the coffee shop at which I work by 5. And I know that sucks and that I hardly slept last night. Of course if I were in school I probably wouldn't sleep much either, but it's better than making lattes. Okay, rambling now.

    I absolutely love that polish you're wearing. I want it. I don't have any Gosh polishes. Sad panda.

    My favorite color is green too; all shades. My room is a bright highlighter green like the inside of a lime with really dark brown, almost black furniture. It's my happy place!

  12. I like this new pose, and Golden Dragon is gorgeous (even if it's a very winter color and now that I feel spring coming I prefer different colors)...
    My favourite colour is purple: always loved it, even if I betray it with some passing crushes every now and then (this winter I've been more on green/teal/grey)!

  13. I like yellow, in general. I'm drawn to yellow first when I pick out clothes (or even nail polishes), but I know how to stop if that yellow doesn't really work on me :-) Surprisingly, I'm drawn to dark polish now. Quite a contrast.

    Your post made me happy that I own this colour, lol

  14. I don't think your blog lacks personality!

    I cannot choose my favourite colours. This sounds weird but I like any nice I mean I like all colours but it has to be the right shade.

    So indecisive!

  15. so pretty nail polish . My favourite colour is teal . I also like forest green and light blue .

  16. I've nominated you for a Best Blog Award! Yeah PP!

  17. Winter 2009? Nuts. Ah well, I'll keep my eyes peeled for particularly dusty looking bottles in sales bins. :)

    I really like to accessorize with and wear strong colors, but find that they can overwhelm me if I'm not careful so I tend to couple them with black (or very dark saturated colors like deep green, navy, etc). I mean, what else goes with a rainbow umbrella? Lol. But no, black is not for everyone.

    I forgot to mention: This blog definitely has personality. You do a great job! :D

  18. Stephanie: You know what? I don't know what to do with my life either. I'm almost 24, in like 20 days, and I've been working on finishing my degree for 6 years. Just ridic. I'm always available to talk. Just drop me a line. =)

    smALtY: So what would you consider a spring colour? If you say pastel, you are gonna be sooo disappointed in this blog for the next little while. I can't do pastels at all.

    Halifax: I freaking love yellow. I have this pair of bright yellow boots. They make me so happy. And I have so many yellow tshirts. They are joy.

    Rebecca: That is very kind of you to say, thank you. And I totally get it, if I had to choose to only wear one colour for the rest of my life, I don't think I could do it. Colour is love.

    a-gilr's-life-blog: Ah, you're a lover of cool colours.

    mandyannemurray: *Hugs*

    Natalie: Thank you again! I will get right on that in the morning. I'm just totally exhausted right now.

  19. origami: Awww. *Hug* Thank you! And totally just check out every Shoppers you're in. The lady I talked to said those Gosh polishes were a pre-pack. So they are definitely not part of the regular line. So be vigilant. =)

    And I totally get what you mean by using a darker colour to anchor your brights. I have a pair of sunshine yellow boots that just won't look right unless I pair it with a dark pair of jeans.

  20. Don't worry I'm having enough of pastels (they're everywhere but I love them - yellow excluded - and I'm not that bothered :-) ) so I will be happy to see something different here!
    Actually I tend to match nail/clothes and as in spring I usually wear lighter colours (whereas this winter I was all grey-navy blue-dark purple), nails will follow. Pastels excluded also shimmering pink/lavender/purple/light red/green/blue (as I always wear jeans) could go for me...No sheers, not even in spring ;-)
    BTW this is only my way to see it, not a judgment :-)

  21. yay! good poll question. my favorite all around color is "silver sage" it is the paint color they use on the walls at most Restoration Hardware stores.....

    I would love to have a match for it in np! I love this color, i have towels and even bought the paint for one of my bathrooms... or rather i took a swatch to Home Depot to have them color match! lol

  22. Wow, I love silver sage! I never knew what it was called. I would definitely love this in polish form. I will keep and eye on it for you. =)


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