Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ruffian Mani

Just a quick little post. I wasn't ever going to try this, as I suck when it comes to anything fancy with nails. But I had a bottle of black polish sitting out. So here it is.

Base is two coats China Glaze 2030. Mine applied like crap, maybe I'm just not good with it. Because I could not get it done in one coat. And top is my beloved Color Club Black. One coat. Just freaking one coat and it's done. And I used shiny top coat. I didn't feel like mattefying it.

Edit: Huh, just realized my pic isn't even watermarked. Definitely a quicky. And I also forgot the question of the post.

Question of the post: What is your favourite food?

For me, it's a toss up between Hawaiian pizza and lasagna. I love them both oh so very much. Mmm... I wonder if pineapple would taste good in a lasagna. And ham...


  1. I think you've done a good job!
    Looks neat. =)

  2. Very nice! I tried this and love it! I've left it on for 5 days!

  3. Thanks! And I'm surprised how much I enjoy it. I think it's because it's much more interesting than just a regular mani.

  4. Lol, don't you ruin the 2 food dishes by adding them together. My daughter loves pizza with pineapple, so you guys could go eat together, lol

  5. Cute ruffian! Yours turned out much better than mine!

    Mmm pineapple on pizza. My boyfriend and I always get what we call yellow pizza-pineapple and banana peppers. It's quite good even though it sounds icky :]

  6. Love the manicure, ruffian is really nice! My favorite food is tacos, I like them O.G. style, meat, chile, onion and cilantro..yum!

  7. My mother's lasagna. All time favorite food. You're invited!

  8. I like this ruffian (wow, one coat only for the black)! And I could eat pizza almost always, my favourite is capricciosa one!

  9. You did an awesome job... I saw your post to JacieO and I thought you should see this:
    You can receive and ship nail polish...I send it there all the time, and I've got a few shipments from there. It's just gotta go "ground" (or slow boat)

  10. I don't know how I missed this post when it was originally published! Your nails look fabu. I want my nails to look like that, but alas, I am lazy.

    I no has favorite food. I'm pretty partial to Chipotle because it is both delicious and conducive to a low-carb diet...

  11. Halifax: I had a friend try it when I gave him the idea and he said it was a hit!

    SeeingSunshine: Oh I am not a pepper fan. I just don't seem to like the taste/smell.

    Jackie S.: That sounds good. But I'd miss my sour cream.

    jbrobeck: I will hold you to that. Lol.

    smALtY: Thank you darling. Oh pizza, how I adore thee.

    ~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard: Thanks for the link! I'll definitely check it out.

    gildedangel: Merci darling.

    Stephanie: Thanksya Miss. I have no idea what Chipotle is. But I have apparently had it multiple times. Hahaha.

  12. I. Love. This. Mani.

    Seriously, I've seen the Ruffian around the blogs, and your post reminded me how I should really just try it out. I've got an Orly foil I could use as a base, and about a bajillion different black polishes for the top layer (I'm a big fan of black polish). I quite like it un-mattified! :D

    My favorite food, without a doubt, has got to be sushi. Oh man, just thinking about an avocado roll makes me want to run out and eat some! A close second would be this divine vegan cheesecake a local diner makes. *swoon*


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