Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sally Hansen Passion Plum

I just want start off by saying that this is not an Ott Lite post. Meaning that these pics were taken before the Ott Lite. I have two sets of pics backlogged from a while back that still need to be posted. And then there will be Ott Lite pics. *Squeal* Oh, and I went and updated my last post with pics. Check that out here.

Passion Plum is a deep dark shimmery purple. This is from the Canadian exclusive Passport to Milan collection. The shimmer is actually very subtle so sometimes it looks more like a creme. It's also dark enough that it looks almost black in lower lights, but it's oh so shiny. Oddly, when I took these pics, they were perfectly colour accurate. I would also highly recommend clicking to see the higher res pics. The small ones don't show any of the shimmer.

This is two coats, no topcoat. Good application.

Now onto something not polish. I have pictures. And why take pictures if you aren't going to share? I had my Birthday brunch today and I totally took pics.

I had the eggs benedict. So good. And these are definitely some of the best potatoes I've ever had. Delicious.

StBF had the smoked salmon omelette. I can't say much about it since I didn't try it.

And now check out this Swarovski crystal rubber duck. I think it's so cute. Its little glasses move too.


  1. Yum! And I saw your Ott pic and that is the one I am looking at! I think I am going to cave and get it.

  2. Damn Sally Hansen and its Canadian exclusives! And bad distribution! That's it, I'm moving to Canada.

  3. Love the polish, and that duck is tooo cute!

  4. Four things:

    1) This polish has reminded me how much I _adore_ dark, vampy colors. I wish I could get my hands on this and the Project Runway green! They're both divine and exclusively Canadian (go Canada!). Now if I could only find them!

    2) This polish has also presented me with a dilemma: do I sport those fresh, light and cheery colored polishes I've bought recently in anticipation of spring? Or do I give up the ghost and wear my recent darker purchases? Essie Tart Deco or Borghese Notte Black, for example? So many polishes, so little time!

    3) Happy (late) Birthday!

    4) OMGoodness...Ducky!

  5. KrisInPhilly: Don't get it unless it's on sale! Totally not worth it unless it goes on sale.

    Stephanie: Bwahaha, you totally should.

    WizardsOfBling: Thankya dear!

    origami: Thanks, and wear whatever the hell you want. I must admit, I didn't wear many light colours this spring. I almost never do though. I'm fond of my darker colours.


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