Saturday, April 24, 2010

China Glaze Wagon Trail

Whoo! All blog comments have been answered! Hopefully I won't fall so behind again.

Sylvia's pick.

I took a million and a half pics. At a later date, I will use those pics for an ott lite comparison post for those who are interested. And I would like to eventually do comparisons of Wagon Trail and OPI At Your Quebec & Call.

This is a dark olive green polish with gold shimmer. Almost looks black in low light. This pic taken in early morning sunlight, so the light wasn't very strong. You can see how dark it is.

Two coats with top coat. It's highly pigmented, which means it was thick. But I didn't have too many issues with it.

So while I was typing up this post, I kept typing trail as trailer. Lol. Just thought I'd share. Now have some more pics of breakfast food.

Couple friends and I were at this place called Diner Deluxe a couple weeks ago. The food wasn't as good as it looks. It was disappointing, especially considering the hype. Overeasy Breakfast was just much better. But I snapped some cool pics.

First off, the cool benches they had outside:

Then the food:

Avocado and chorizo eggs benny.

Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and potatoes.

Smoked salmon eggs benny.

And here's a pic of the little mini ketchup bottles they have. So cute. I love places that have these because they just seem to pour better.


  1. Wagon Trail is tied with RBL Starfish Patrick for my favorite polish of all time. I can't get enough of Wagon Trail. Whenever I take blog breaks I always put it on. It looks nice on you :)

  2. Thankya. I think my only issue is that it's just so gosh darned dark. But other than that, it was peeeerdy.

  3. That Polish is stunning. The meal looks delicious and those ketchup bottles are adorable! <.< I'd probably purse one so it's a good thing I've never seen one. ;)

  4. Hahaha, but think of accidental ketchup entrails accidentally exploding all over the inside of your bag!

  5. I love Wagon Trail but I've only worn it once! I'm always pulling it out and then putting something brighter on.

    And those ketchup bottles are so cute!

  6. Same here! The issue is almost always that it's too dark. I want something that won't look black.

  7. Aww I want one of those ketchup bottles!

  8. thanks for the heads up about Over Easy. I've been over DD for a long time now (too much butter.. crazy but true) and haven't ventured down that way for breakkie in ages. can't wait to try there :)

  9. Rebecca: They're like baby ketchup bottles.

    kittin: I think overeasy much be just as greasy. But their food just tastes better. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

    Seeing Sunshine: Lol. Sorry. But I did take this format from your blog. Polish and food. So... It's your fault. Hahaha.


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