Monday, April 26, 2010

I Have Failed You

There is no dupe in my collection for OPI Rainforest. I figured it looked like such a regular green, I must have a dupe. But there isn't. Although it's ridiculously sheer. And there are much better greens out there. Just sayin'.

I'd say closest I have is Rimmel Camouflage. It's just got a slight gold shimmer where Rainforest does not. But on the nail, the gold shimmer really isn't very noticeable. It might be enough to assuage the lemming. Oui? I wish I had a nail wheel that I could use to show you guys.

Promise, when my nails are better, I will do a comparison. If y'all don't see it, feel free to drop a line and remind me.


  1. Oh, LOL, that's okay!!! Would love to see your nails again soon, though. How about doing FOTDs while your nails are healing? ;)
    I gave you an award because you're awesome!

  2. No FOTD! I totally think feet are gross. So I will not be showcasing mine. And omg, I hate polishing my toes. So I only ever do it like once every 3 weeks. Lol. And thanks for the award, but I probably won't take part.


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