Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mini Haul

Bleh, so I completely lack any motivation to post. It's just that I can't wear nail polish right now, so I'm not really excited to write about it. I hope my nails clear up soon.

But here's a little mini haul I wanted to show you guys. There's a brand up here called Joe. They make really good quality clothes and beauty tools for a reasonable price. And when their clothes go on sale, they go seriously cheap. So they've just recently come out with some nail polish. It's 3 for $10 CAD or $4 for one. I, of course, got 3.

L-R: Sun Kissed, Peacock, Prune.

These guys are minis. 6 mL each. I like that they have a flat brush. So far, looks like the formula is good. But I won't know for sure until I give them a try. I swatched Peackock on a piece of paper and it looks to be a true turquoise/purple duochrome. Prune is a dark raisin purple creme. And Sun Kissed is a light gold. Looks frosty in the bottle, but again, I won't know until I try it.

For more info or to see what other colours there are, check out their website here.


  1. *squeee* I need to get some on payday! I wanted to get some on monday but I got a migraine and my hubby went instead. *pout*

  2. Darn, you found Peacock. I still haven't :-(

  3. Skulda: I have to admit, these little guys are cute.

    Halifax: I'm sure you'll find it soon. They seem to be stocked pretty regularly.


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