Monday, April 26, 2010

Rimmel Camouflage and OPI Rainforest Comparison

So I only have one good nail left. That would be left middle finger. So I did the comparison swatch on that one finger. The left is Camouflage, the right Rainforest.

Definitely click to see the higher res version. BTW, taken under Ott Lite.

Close but no dice. From far away, you actually can't tell. But looking closely, you see Camouflage is more vivid and more blue. Where Rainforest is more yellow and... blackened. That might be the only way of describing it. Anyhow, sorry for the streakies, it's awkward just painting half the nail. This is three coats and a coat of poshe.

So is this close enough for you ladies lemming Rainforest? Or do you need the real thing?


  1. I think I'd still want rainforest. I can't look at my Rimmel the same away again after finding out they test on animals. :s The colour is fabulous though. <.<;;

  2. Omg, I completely forgot about that! I knew there was a reason I wasn't buying that Rimmel polish I wanted.

  3. It sucks! I *really* like some of the colours but I just can't bring myself to do it.

  4. I'm just such a huge green fan that I just HAD to have Rainforest. And I have this thing about vintage polishes now. It just proves that I'm really a bonafide polish collector now :)

    But I agree - formula isn't something to write home about, there are lots of better greens out there (I like creams more).

    But still - it's part of nail polish history, man! :)

  5. Yeah, totally having Rainforest is about its history. As far as just having it to have a nice green, there are definitely better greens.


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