Friday, May 28, 2010

American Apparel Peacock

Lots and lots of apologies for not posting. I just started a new job on Tuesday and have been sorta beat. I went from three weeks of sitting on my lazy ass to full time work running around like a headless chicken at the Military Museums. So please forgive me.

Crap, I didn't realize it's been twelve days since I posted an actual polish review. I'm posting because I'm stuck at home with cramps. Try explaining that to your coworkers at a military museum when they're all guys. That was awkward.

Anyway, here's origami's first pick. And I fully expect to get 10 comments when I post this. Origami is...There's no other way I can put this. She's a vomit commenter. Hahaha. What happens is, she'll do catch up in the middle of the night, then when I wake up in the morning, I'll have 13 comments in my inbox all from her. And then she'll disappear for like three weeks, then do it again. So I look forward to what you think.

Peackock is a very blue leaning teal creme. Wicked rich colour. This pic is actually a bit more blue than it is in real life. I wish my camera had a white balance option. But I bought it for $99 and it's lasted me this long.

One perfect, buttery smooth coat. Love it. I did no clean up on this. I was too excited to take pictures. There's also uneveness up near my cuticle. Normally the second coat would fix it. But as you know, one perfect, buttery smooth coat. Hahaha. This is with top coat.

After a couple days, I didn't want to take it off so I slapped on a coat of OPI Significant Other Color. Freaking love the way it looks. It's green when you look at it head on, purple looking at the sides. And you can still see blue under. Sooo interesting. Check it out.

I totally pulled a Feline here to give you guys a better look at the purple awesomeness.

Please ignore the chip. I took this picture after I realized the initial pics didn't turn out that well.

So in other news, all I do when I get home is eat and then crash in front of the tv for a movie. I've watched so many ridiculous sappy, mindless movies this week. But the one that comes ahead is Enchanted. Freaking awesome movie. I've been listening to the soundtrack for the past week. So good. Here's a little sample.


  1. i wore this recently with HT on top, but i like SOC better

  2. *Thumbs up* Doesn't it look kickass?

  3. LOL!! Vomit commenter. I love that term.
    It's a fab polish. Did you get it here in Canadur? I haven't stepped in an AA for a long time.
    Congratulations on your job!

  4. Hahaha, I'm glad you liked the term. I couldn't come up with any other way of explaining it. No, I didn't get it in Canadur, but I totally got it in Canada. Hehehe. Going into American Apparel to get my AA polishes was the first and only time I've gone into that store. So not my thing. And thanks very much, dear.

  5. Love the layering. I totally get the new job=exhaustion thing (I recently did same thing). I also like your picture of the moment. Its someplace I'd like to be sitting and looking out at now. :)

  6. Thanks! And yeah, it's like, driving home is the greatest chore because you're just exhausted. I should also change that pic, it's been up there a while. Lol. But I'll leave it a bit more because it's nice.

  7. Ooo, yeah, that layering is interesting. Do you have OPI Pearl of Wisdom? That might be interesting too. What a purdy color the American Apparel is, though! And yeah, Enchanted is kind of hilarious. Oh Amy Adams. The laughter and joy you bring us all.

  8. No, I don't own Pearl of Wisdom. I was thinking I already owned so many layering polishes that I wouldn't get it. But I might regret that later. I absolutely loved peacock. Was surprised how much, actually. I never figured I'd love Enchanted so much.

  9. I LOVE Enchanted and I have that song on my ipod. :D

    One coaters are the bomb!

  10. i just buy american polish this week i wait them :) i love this movie :) song !!!
    congrats for your job :)

  11. Rebecca: I was singinging it like ALL the time for a bit there. I'm surprised no one tried to kill me because of it.

    Lily nail: I really hope you like them! I think they're fantastic. And thank you.


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