Friday, May 14, 2010

Claire's Yellow Brick Road

You know, I've always been drawn to the colour yellow. It's probably because it's so happy and bright. But anyhow, I got these all at Claire's for their buy 10 for $10 deal. I also have a million extras for frankening.

I really hate it when a company changes the colour of a polish but leaves the name. Here are three incarnations of Claire's Yellow Brick Road. I've numbered them 1, 2, and 3 so I can distinguish them.

1) In the bottle it looks like a lemon yellow shimmer. But on the nail it's definitely neony.
2) This is a nice deep true yellow. Also a shimmer.
3) I don't really know, maybe an orangey yellow shimmer? Also neonish.

All of these are three coaters. Even then, I probably could have used another coat. No topcoat so you can see how 1 and 3 look matte-ish. (Please ignore how horrific my index finger looks.) All formulae were easy to apply, no issues except for opacity.

Overall, all three colours are... Frig, I smell BBQ. Omg, so hungry. Ok, yeah, where was I? Yes, all three colours are super fun. The shimmer is an interesting touch. And for a $1 each, how could you go wrong?

And now here's a pair of my favourite boots. I have no idea if I've already shown you guys, but it seems to fit in this post.

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  1. Huh. That's really strange that all three bottles are slightly different. I remember when you showed me your yellow boots! Love 'em. I usually don't like yellow polish...but maybe it's growing on me.

  2. I'll have to grab them from my store too. All of the yellows are left for the 10 for 10 deal. I'll grab 'em and either used them for franken's or ... I don't know.. save them for people who want them.

  3. Steph: Yellow is just sneaks up on you. At first you're like ew, but then more and more you like it. And then BLAM! Suddenly you love it. Hahaha.

    Scandalous: That is not a surprise coming from you. Lol.

    Skulda: Oh yeah, totally. And for a buck each, you can't go wrong.

  4. These are cute colors, but I haven't the patience to deal with yellow polishes!

    Your boot are absolutely darling though!

  5. Yeah, yellow can definitely be a pain in the butt. And thanks!

  6. Didn't realize there were 3 versions of Yellow Brick Road! Argh, hate that too.

    Lovely color though. Fellow yellow lover here!

  7. So at the end, which one is the true yellow brick road? I pick #2.
    What?! Did I win something? Really?? A yellow yoyo? Ah ah wonderful!!

    (I'm out of my mind sometimes)

    I have bought yellow polishes but haven't worn them yet! It's all new to me and I hope it'll fit me.

    Awesome boots, I've never seen that before. I want them in silver!

  8. Now you have yellow skittle nails!

  9. I love yellow too, never notice the difference in shades. I only grabbed 1 bottle, can't compare :-)

  10. bellebathandbeyond: I didn't realize there were 3 either. Not until I bought like 7 to use for frankens. Then I compared the bottles and went WTF? Lol.

    jellynat: hahaha, I think you're right. It's #2. Definitely give yellow a try, it's so fun. I love the boots too. Silver would look awesome.

    Jackie: Hahaha, I do! It's super duper bright too.

    Halifax: Yellow is so awesome. I love all three of these versions, so you can't go wrong with your bottle.


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