Monday, May 31, 2010

Essie Bordeaux

So I've totally gone and changed my header for the month of June. I know, I know, early, but it's fun. I always changed my blog. How you guys like it? Anyhow, I'm looking at this header and it looks so summer-like. And then I look at what the weather's been like recently and they just don't match. We've had snow in the past week. And it's been rainy and icky. But it's looking better and better. But less talk of the weather and more talk of polish.

This is jellynat's pick. I am so glad you picked this. I freaking love wearing red. And this one's a stunner.

So I'll tell you a little story about how I came to be in possession of this polish. When I first saw it, it came in a little set along with A-List, another red polish. I wanted it. It was awesome. But at the time I was trying to curb my spending. StBFF was supposed to be that frugal voice in my head. You know that voice that tells you no, don't buy it. Well, I totally lack this voice. Hahaha. So she asks me if it's on my wishlist, I say no, she drags me away. Sometime later, I was back at that Winners and there was still one left. StBFF wasn't there telling me not to grab it. So I totally did. Hahaha. And I'm glad I did, because now it's retardedly expensive to get Essies.

Bordeaux is a deep wine red jelly. Oh so squishy and awesome. My pic looks less squishy than it is in real life, though. And my mom actually likes this colour. She almost never likes my nail polish. So thank you Nathalie. Hahaha.

This was three coats with top coat. Application was great, absolutely no issues. Just the usual sheerness that jellies have.


  1. That looks gorgeous, I like the new layout as well.

  2. Yeah, heard you guys had snow, lol. It's ridiculous this year. The header looks more spring to me, but it's cute :)

  3. Gorgeous shade.I like the header. ;)

  4. I am a MONSTER for not having commented that post! :D
    Thank you Perry for the swatch! I am considering this one. Of course, I have enough dark red but... mm.... that little voice you lack. I lack it too. ;)

  5. Rebecca: Thank you darling.

    Halifax: Thanks and yeah, can't believe it was snowing, but I'm not sure why I'm surprised, there's always a spring blizzard.

    Lily nail: thanks!

    Gejba: Thankya dear.

    Jellynat: Hahaha, I think any collector lacks that little voice.

  6. I just got this color; actually I'm wearing it right now. You're right it's fabulous!


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