Saturday, May 1, 2010

GOSH Metallic Green

So, new month, new banner. I changed it a few days back because I was impatient. I've also added a page up top there for a banner archive. Just so I can look back on what banners have been up on ye olde blog.

Now onto CucumPear's pick.

This is exactly as its name says. A light green metallic polish. This is probably the only light green I've ever liked and I'm surprised how much I actually ended up liking it. This was taken in low early morning light. So freaking shiny.

Two coats with top coat. I totally expected this to be one hot streaky mess, and at the first coat it looked that way, but it completely levelled out and was just fine and dandy at two. I think the pic enhances the streaky, it wasn't that bad in real life. I also don't remember my hands looking so loberstery either. Anyway, application was weird. It was a lot like a China Glaze Khrome, sorta thick and gooey. It also dried quite fast. And was opaque in one coat, but I had to add the second coat because of the weird application issues. I think it'd be good for stamping. I had one more issue with tiny tiny bubbles. I think next time I'll have to be more careful, thinner coats might help.

By the way, Canadian followers, don't forget to enter my SpaRitual giveaway.

Edit: This was an NOTD from before I stopped wearing polish. I've been naked for quite a while now. I'm just trying to slowly post old NOTDs and hopefully when I run out of pics, my nails should be back to normal.


  1. Your nails must be doing better. Metallics and frosts tend to show every little flaw on mine and yours look great.

  2. It's not so much the top surface of the nails I'm worried about. It's the underside where the nail is lifting from the nail bed. This was also an old swatch. Did this long before I went naked.

  3. It'd make me look red and awful so it's a big no for me but I love how this polish looks on you. Your nails are surprisingly smooth. Mine are slightly lined - I don't care much but it's hard to make a metallic look nice in case like this.

    Any improvement for your nails? Is it still the same?

  4. Thanks! And I did buff, so that's probably why it's not too badly ridged. And the areas that were lifting are slowly growing out. So it's improving. Thanks for asking, Nat.

  5. This is a really pretty color and it looks great on you :]

    I hope your nails get better soon!

  6. Lily nail: Thanks!

    SeeingSunshine: Thanks for both comments.

  7. I got this a while back but haven't worn it yet. I'll have to add it to the short list. :)

  8. Try it! It astounded me at how awesome it was.


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