Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So I clicked on my blogger dashboard and it said I wasn't currently following anyone and I think I had a mini heart attack. But it was just a glitch. Phew.

So for the Canadian ladies out there, Rexall is having a 50% off sale on all their nail polish. All their nail polish. Run, do not walk, to your nearest Rexall. I hauled something fierce today. $4 Sally Hansen salons people. Although I have no idea if this is across Canada. So make sure you check the flyer at the link.

So here be my haul.

NYX. I've never seen any of these in stores in Calgary before. So I was super excited to grab these. Although they were $5.99 before discount. Pretty pricey, if you ask me.

L-R: South Sea, Asphalt, Express, Roasted, Silver Plum

Nicole by OPI and Sally Hansen Salons. The Nicoles were reg $10 and the Sally Hansens were reg $7.99. Totally worth it for the SH polishes. And I got an extra bottle of Commander in Chic to swap with people that don't have access. Let me know if you want it. My contact info's in my FAQ.

L-R: Rent a Magenta, You're an Angel, Fairy Teal, Commander in Chic

Del Sol: These polishes change colour in the sun. Soooo awesome. I was most excited to get these. As far as I know, Rexall was the only place that has these. The top row is what it looks like in the shade, the bottom is what it looks like in sunlight. The colour should change more than what the pics show. We didn't have much good sun today.

L-R: Electrick, Peek-A-Boo, Ruby Slipper, Calypso

Randoms. Dude, they didn't fit anywhere, but are still awesome. Here they are. I have no idea how much these were.

L-R: Water Mist, Applause, Signature Taupe, Rose Attraction


  1. Those DelSols look AWESOME!!

  2. This is a great haul, I really like the picture of nicole rent a magenta, I will wait for your swatches!

  3. It is across Canada but not all provinces have Rexall, lol. We don't but I hauled in Toronto. Couldn't bring myself to get NYX at that price (even after 50% off). Wish they had more shades of Del Sol too

  4. Where did you find a Rexall here in Cowtown? Inquiring minds!

  5. Great haul! 50% off is a great deal.

  6. Skulda: Don't they? I just wish they had more.

    Polishsis: Will try and get to that one soon as I can for you. =)

    Halifax. Yeah, it was pricey. Considering I think they're only $1 or 2 down in the states. And I didn't know where Rexall was. This is the first time I was ever in one.

    Karen: There's one here. It's the one went to. Not all of them are big stores, but this is a big one.
    9650 Harvest Hills Boulevard Ne
    Calgary, AB T3K 0B3
    (403) 567-9102

  7. Rebecca: It sure was! But I think I may have went overboard just because it was 50% off, you know?

  8. thanks so much! I had no idea we even had Rexall's here :)

  9. Well see if you can hit it today. I think the sale's still on.

  10. dude.. I did. AND OMG! they have the NYX mascara I couldn't find anymore and had to order from cherryculture! went bonkers, bought much polish. you rule.

  11. Hahaha. That's awesome. And I'm glad you got to take advantage of the sale. I know I hate it when I find out about a sale and then realize it's over.


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