Friday, May 21, 2010

My First Lemming

This was my first ever lemming. I still don't have it. It's butter LONDON's Come to Bed Red. I've never gotten it because I couldn't justify the price. Now that I look at it. I'm sure I have dupe but I still want it.

Do any of you have lemmings that you want just to have? Despite the fact that the colour isn't all that unique? Or maybe you want it because everyone else wants it too. La Boheme's like that for me too. Rainforest used to be like that.


  1. Hah, yeah. RBL Chinoise! Woops. I'm sure that I have others. I really wanted NARS Tokaido Express for a long time but that desire kind of went away.

    And NOW I remember that I gave you Dulce de Leche and not Chocolate Moose. Meh, they're basically the same anyway :P

  2. Totally buy it - I have Come to Bed Red, and I absolutely love it! I didn't realize Butter polishes were $14 though (I received mine as a birthday gift a few years ago, along with Diamond Geezer, another great color).

  3. Steph: And you totally went and got Chinoise. Maybe I should follow your example...

    libbeh: Nooo! Don't tell me to buy it! But yeah, they are totally pricey. But I might just cave. Very very soon.

  4. This is a nice color, I say get it!

    I wanted DS Glamour for a long time and saw it on ebay and grabbed it FAST! So happy I did! :)

  5. But DS Glamour is DS Glamour. Get what I mean? Like this really is just a cherry red creme. It's not special or anything.


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