Saturday, May 22, 2010

OPI Malaga Wine and OPI St. Petersburgundy

Possible dupes?

What say you?

Can you even tell these are different colours? Malaga Wine on the left, St. Petersburgundy on the right. MW has slightly more blue than St. Petersburgundy. But that's only in some lights and even then I'm not entirely sure if it's really there or a trick of my eyes.

When I bought St. Petersburgundy (there has gotta be a way to shorten that name) I found a bottle of Malaga Wine to compare it to in store. It looked like St.P (there, that's better) was darker than MW so I bought it. So either OPI's changed MW's formula since I bought my bottle (I wouldn't be surprised if they had) or I was smokin' something at the salon. Although it could be the perm solution...

Anyhow, I've decided to give St.P up. I see no point in having both. And any room I can make in my collection is a good thing.

So lovely readers. What's your verdict?

Edit: Oh, the weird black scribblies you see on the back of the acrylic nails would be black sharpie. I had to label the backs or I would have never known which was which.


  1. They look pretty much identical to me too. I wouldn't have known they were different colors.

    I own Malaga Wine (it is one of my fav reds), but not St. P. I think you're right though, Malaga is definitely a touch bluer from looking at your photo. It sort of looks like St. P is a bit...dustier? Muted? But that could just be the way the light/shadows are hitting the second swatch.

  2. Hm. Yeah, I can tell that they're different. Probably not different enough to warrant owning both, but different. I don't have either of these, but I've often contemplated buying St. Petersburgundy. For some reason Malaga Wine never appealed to me. Strange, eh?

  3. I have both ;)

    St.P is a touch darker, judging by your photo. I have a collection of reds that all look like that too... horrible.

  4. origami: I freaking love MW too. I don't know, I think the dusty quality might just be my pic.

    Steph: You're so weird. I'd say go get Malaga Wine.

    Justine: Oh man, I have SO many of these reds. But I love them.


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