Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge Plie

Nosh, this is an ugly mani. Not ugly because of the colour, but because I have various dents, one bubble, tip shrinkage, and my skin doesn't look all that awesome. But what can I do? And you can see the colour fine.

Stephanie's pick.

Plie is a dusty light pink creme. Gah, I can't tell if I like it. One minute I'll think it's awesome. The next not so much. Totally weird.

Three coats and TC. I was kinda surprised I needed three coats. But it applied well. So meh.

I think this a great office colour. I wish I hadn't ruined it. I probably could have worn it for another day or so.

BTW, if you haven't, go pick me a colour to wear. And if you're Canadian, enter my SpaRitual giveaway. Links in the sidebar.


  1. Hm. I like it a lot on you in the sunlight picture, but in the natural light picture it's starting to look a little blend-y in-y with your skin. Interesting. It's still a pretty color, though.

  2. Yeah! That's what I was feeling. Sometimes it was pretty, sometimes it'd totally blend in with my skin.

  3. It's really pretty. I wouldn't mind getting it for a nice office colour or undercoat.

  4. I think it looks great on you, very nice and neutral :)

  5. Skulda: Yeah, it's definitely good for the office. But probably not as an undercoat. It's just too much work to use it for that.

    Lily: Thanks dear.

    Musicalhouses: Thanks. And yeah, so nice and neutral and I'm such a sucker for those colours too.

  6. guh... youre canadian? did you really pay 18 bucks to have this delivered to you? i want it so bad but cant justify the shipping price.


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