Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Ok, just one more post from me for the night. Dude, these haul posts are hard work. One of my lovely readers, whom I shall call wombough (because that's her username on MUA) oh so kindly offered to send me Hidden Treasure. I got it! Yaaaay!!! So... I don't think it's coming up here to Canada. I just haven't seen the display at all. I think this will be an American exclusive. Understandable considering us Canadians are lucky enough to get those Canadian exclusives. Anyhoodle. Here's what she sent me.

L-R: Hidden Treasure (Squee!!), Just Tea-Sing, Matte Magic

So excited to give these a whirl.

And in other news, I have been completely addicted to the Avatar theme song, "I See You" by Leona Lewis. I've had it on repeat since I got home this afternoon. What totally annoys me though, is that if you want to download it from iTunes, you have got get the entire soundtrack. You can't just download that track on its own. I mean, generally I wouldn't have minded if the other songs were ok and they had lyrics. But this was the score. I find scores were written to give movies cohesion, so all the tracks tend to sound the same. I wasn't willing to spend $10 to get one song. Boo on record companies. But here's the track. Have a listen.


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