Monday, June 21, 2010

Joe Fresh Peacock

This is DistantDreamer's pick.

So for those who might not be aware, Joe Fresh is a Canadian brand sold at the Loblaws chain of grocery stores. Joe Fresh is the "house designer" you could say. I actually really like their clothes. So I was pretty stoked when I found out they had nail polish. Anyway, it's $4 a 6 ml bottle or 3 for $10.

Peacock is a tealy-blue/purple duochrome shimmer. Can't really see the purple in these pics though. It's a pretty sweet colour. I spent a lot of time looking at my hands. My gap is way too big in this mani, but oh well.

Two coats. Goes on smooth. Short stem though. But it's got a nice flat brush. I was super harsh on it so it chipped after two days. So I would assume it'd have lasted longer had I been nice to it.

And now for Chibi Hulk!


  1. Pretty blue, adorable chibi. I like his squat little legs.

  2. I love that lacquer. If you are ever interested in "international" swaps let me know. I'm in the states...hence the reason why I did the parenthesis. My blog is:

  3. Chibi Hulk is suppper cute, he has a belly button!

    I love this color, I have to find some Joe Fresh!

  4. Stephanie: I know, cute eh?

    Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: Oh I would totally be interested in a swap. I shall get in touch.

    Jackie S.: Hahaha, I think the belly buttom makes it for me. Just so cute. And if you're interested in swapping, let me know!


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