Friday, June 25, 2010

Random NP Shopping for Canadian Ladies

I've been seeing Hidden Treasure at Shoppers Drugmarts around the city, so keep an eye out if you want it.

I found bottles of Seche Vite at my local Winners for $7.99. So if you need to know where to get it now that etailers aren't shipping out here, check Winners. is having a nail polish sale, you can check that out here.

From now until June 30th, receive 15% off on all individual nail polish shades from all seven nail polish brands! Simply use the coupon code "POLISH15" at the checkout.

And in other news, I'm an idiot. I've never noticed until now that at the top left corner of my blog, there's a search box. Holy shiz, has that always been there? Crap, it's so handy and I never noticed. *Facepalm*


  1. No HT around here anymore. I cleaned out my three local stores! One for me and three bottles to give away.

  2. I found HT at SDM in Market Mall. the cashier was so entranced by it, she got me to go get her the last bottle. ha! hey, I started a polish blog too..

    thanks to you for inspiring me!

  3. Thanks! London Drugs cleared out it's Seche Vite. >:(

  4. Damn! I missed the spaboutique sale!


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