Friday, July 30, 2010

Joe Fresh Butter

Another Stephanie pick. Reminder: Go vote in my Joe Fresh poll. Right now, there's a huge ass tie and that won't do. I must be able to have a clear 6 winners people. Help a girl out!

Anyhoodle. Butter is a buttery yellow creme. Or as one of my friends told me, looks like corn. Hahaha. I can't quite tell if I like it or not. But I've gotten a bunch of compliments and it is a pretty colour on its own.

Three coats with topcoat. No issues with application, other than the fact that I did it in low light and thought my cuticle was somewhere it wasn't. Do you see my ring finger? I totally thought my cuticle was lower than it was when I put on the third coat, so I totally ended up with this streaky/baldy area. Lol. I'm a dope. And please forgive the bubble on my middle finger. I don't know what happened there.

Pic of the moment: This is Sunshine. The one that's got the yellow flowers. It is the only plant that's ever survived me. And went on to bloom, no less. I'm super proud of it and totally adore it.

I got it from the violet association here in Calgary. They were doing a sale thing at the mall I used to work at and they couldn't sell them all, so at the end of the weekend they went around giving away the left over flowers. I got Sunshine, brought it home, watered it and such. To be honest, I expected it to eventually die because that's what happens to flowers that come into my care. Then eight months after I brought it home, it bloomed. I was astounded. I didn't even know it flowered. And it's been blooming regularly for the past two or three years. Super awesome.


  1. GAH! the yellow! the awesome! looks gorgeous

  2. the flower is so pretty! and i really like that nail polish, but its one of those colors thar im not sure if i could pull off!

  3. Any idea how similar this is to American Apparel Butter?

  4. That yellow is very nice! I've picked up a number of Joe polishes and find them to be decent overall. I've got Butter, but haven't tried it. I think I might actually be sick of pastels...and what's more? Creams! I never thought I'd utter the words! But this one is nice so maybe it'll get bumped up the eternally long list I've got.

  5. Wait, ya know what? I'm wearing a bright, purple leaning red cream right now and loving it...perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I might be over pastels in a cream formula.

    I'm actually really looking forward to diving into my darker creams for fall. Lincoln park after Dark - you and I have a date!

  6. Scandalous: Hahaha, I'm sure you would have liked it.

    Mel: Yeah, the colour is really nice. Just not really sure if it worked for me.

    Smita: I have absolutely no idea, as I don't know the other butter. But I think AA Butter might have a better formula.

    origami: Yeah, I think I may be all pastel-cremed out. Just so much for the past little while. Vampires, here we come!


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