Sunday, July 18, 2010

MAC Originality

StBFF's pick.

Originality is a metallic bronze polish with bronze flakies. I really don't know why I keep buying bronze polish. It never works for me, but I'm so drawn to it.

Two coats with top coat. Probably could have used three coats because I can kinda see bald spots in the sunlight. This has surprisingly few streaks though.

Pic of the moment: More origami! This was an epic project. 60 pieces of paper, one week. Each petal is folded separately and then glued together. When you eventually have 12 flowers, you glue them all together to make a flower ball. StBFF is actually the crafty one between the two of us and she taught me how to make this.

First up is an individual flower.

And here's the finished ball.

For anyone who's interested in making this, you can see how here.


  1. I like the colour and finish of the polish. I rarely wear these but this one is nice and looks good on you. :) The flowers are adorable, I wish I was that creative!

  2. I prefer silvers but love the finish on the polish.
    Could you send me the instructions to make one of these flowers? I don't have space for the ball, but always in need of something pretty for my cubicle at work =P

  3. The finish on this is great. The flowers are so cute! You must have more patience than I do. :)

  4. Wow. Those flowers are incredible.

  5. Michelle: Thanks! And the origami had nothing to do with creativity. Just following directions.

    Claudia: Here you are!

    Zara: I only did it a little bit at a time so it wasn't so bad.

    jbrobeck: Thankya darlin'!

    Stephanie: Lol, thanks. =D

  6. Gorgeous color, and that flower ball is awesome!

  7. Oooh, that is very nice! Just to look at it makes me think of Gosh's Golden Brown and one of the recent $OPI Havana Nights collection polishes (can't remember the name).

    I am so far behind on my blogs. That's what happens when you take a break! But I'll catch up eventually. Especially since I know I missed my 3 or 4 picked polish requests. :D

  8. Lol, nice to see you're catching up, or at least attempting to. =D

  9. Assuming I don't go on a commenting bender I should be all caught up by September, lol.

    You have mad origami skills, my dear! The flowers are awesome.

  10. Thank you, dear. And take your time. Lol.


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