Sunday, August 29, 2010

American Apparel California Trooper

Lianne's pick.

Trooper is a light grey-beige creme. I don't think it's really a greige, for some reason I see greige as darker.

Two coats no topcoat. Great application, as with all AA polishes.

Pic of the moment: So I got a bit bored at work and I was playing with my little superheroes and placed them in a little line. My coworker, Andrea, then went and made a sign. They're facing the wrong direction, but you get the idea. Like? Hahaha.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Del Sol Calypso

Halifax's pick.

For those who don't know, the Del Sol polishes change colour in the sun. Out of the sun, Calypso is a frosty bubblegum pink. In the sun it turns into a light grape purple.

Two coats with top coat. But to completely cover up VNL, I think you'd need three coats. I really like the stiffness of the brush. It applied really well and would be awesome except for the streaks.

Just some blog business for you. I keep mentioning and polling about a giveaway so I figured I'd actually tell you when I plan to do a giveaway. When I hit 500 followers, that's when I'll announce it. I've been acquiring prize stuff for a while now, so hopefully it's a good giveaway.

Pic of the moment: So last Saturday I went out to a Christian music festival called Rock the River. I'm one of the youth leaders at church so I was there with the kids. I had an absolute blast. I thought a lot of kids were bored, but they said they had fun too, so I guess it went well. Lol. Anyway, we had to drive up the hill to get to the parking lot. So on the way up, we drove behind this bus. One of the kids snapped a pic of the "Cool Bus." Check it, check it.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spa Beauty Schools Top 50 Nail Blogs

Hi y'all,

I've gotten a few emails asking if I saw that my blog has been listed on Spa Beauty Schools' Top 50 Nail Blogs list. So I just wanted to let you know that I do indeed know and that I'm honoured. So click the badge to check out the list, there are a bunch of great blogs on it.

cosmetology schools
Top 50 Nail Blogs

I'm listed under #16.

University of Calgary grad and polish-holic, Helena Perry, may have a history degree and a biology and museum studies minor, but this blog is all (well mostly) about nail polish.

"Polished" Advice: PerryPie's Nail Polish Adventures really draws in it followers. Members can enter giveaways, but more importantly, they can recommend colors for Perry to review.

Nailin' It: Visitors can subscribe to posts, comments or both. Perry's blog archive, labels, and favorite blog links are helpful but rather unspecific. Instead of rooting through a lot of stuff to find what they're looking for, followers should use the blog's Google search.

The one negative comment about my blog was that my tags were hard to slog through. So I'd just like to ask you guys how to fix that. Do you think my blog is hard to search through or navigate? Where can I improve? Please leave me your thoughts. They'd be much appreciated. Thanks!

Monday, August 23, 2010

OPI Cozu-Melted in the Sun

Really short post today, not much to say. But I must say, I love the name. Cozu, hehehehe.

Anyway, this is a sheer slightly peachy pink polish packed with silver glitter. So sparkly. So pretty.

Two coats with topcoat. There isn't much to say about the application. No issues.

Pic of the moment: Puuuuuppppppiiiiieeeeees. Seriously, if you don't melt from this, you have a heart of stone. Of stone.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Avon Jade

Elle's pick.

Jade is a light green. Not pastel. And definitely not mint. Slightly more vibrant than the pic.

Two coats with topcoat. Good application, no issues at all. I have a bit of cuticle drag on my middle finger, but that was user error more than a formula issue. They also have a flat brush, which I love oodles and oodles.

Some blog business. I've switched my email from to I just couldn't stand the amount of spam I got in yahoo. So my new contact email is perrypiepolish at gmail dot com. Feel free to email me if you have questions or comments. I'll still be answering emails that go to my yahoo account, but all email gets forwarded to the gmail account.

Pic of the moment: Another foxy. So freaking cute.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

OPI La Boheme

Oh good golly gosh do I love this polish. *Happy sigh* So this has been a long time lemming of mine. I finally caved and bought it on ebay for a ridiculous price. Less than $30, more than a Chanel, we'll just leave it at that. But I'm so happy I have it now. *Loves* By the way, sorry for the phantom post of this on Sunday. I accidentally hit post before I scheduled it. Oops.

La Boheme is a magenta red shimmer with gold flash. I'd almost think it had micro-glitter, it's so shimmery. I think the gold flash is actually from all that gold shimmer. So it turns like this really vivid gold red at the right angle. I tried to capture the amazingness that is this polish, but I couldn't. LB isn't one of those really obvious duochromes. Heck, I don't think it's even a duochrome, it's more subtle, but so interesting to look at. With every movement of your hand it just looks different. Ya know... This is the fourth red that I've shown in a row, but this one is so worth it.

And here's another pic to try and show you guys the gold flash.

Two coats with top coat. I think it might have looked more intense at three coats, but it's fine at two. This is an old formula OPI. So it stinks like nuts, but overall good application.

Pic of the moment: I find it amazing how a few perfectly placed lines can create something that our senses find just oh so cute.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shopping: Nox Twilight Polishes

For those in Canada interested in getting the Twilight polishes, if you're near a London drugs, they have a buy two Twilight makeup items and get the third Twilight item free coupon. Twilight polishes are regularly $10 $8, so it's not too bad a deal. The lady I also talked to said the Twilight stuff was getting low in the warehouses, so this might mean that they're going to slowly withdraw from selling the Twilight stuff. So if you're interested, head out now.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nox Twilight Sangria

Mel's pick. So I must admit, the fact that I own this is a bit embarrassing. But in my defence, it was on sale, how could I pass up a good sale? And the bottle is unique.

Sangria is a deep dark vampy brownish red creme. Very blood like with a touch of purple. In the picture it looks almost black. But it's not. Even in lower light you can tell it's not black. It's also got a jelly-like quality, which probably helps it look not-black. You know, for something branded Twilight, none of these names have anything to do with Twilight.

Two coats with topcoat. Perfect application. I have to give Twilight Beauty credit, the formula was top notch. Full coverage in two coats. Brush is nice and I like the fact that these are 17 mls instead of the usual 15. Now here's a pic of the bottle, because, let's face it, the bottle is different and that's why I own this polish.

I found these at the Beddington London Drugs here in Calgary. Bought it buy two, get one free. I think they're regular price $9.99. You can also get these online at

Pic of the moment: There's no story behind this pic. It's just a ridiculously cute fox. I had to share.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

OPI Crepes Suzi-ette

Crepes is a caramel red creme. And depending on the light, it'll shift from red to brown. Very interesting polish. I think it might be too fall for my current mood, though.

Two coats with topcoat. Probably could have used a third. As usual with OPI, no issues with application.

Pic of the moment: Super excited about showing you guys this. So this is the Avro Lancaster. The picture here is one of two in the world that can still fly. It was in Calgary last week and we went to go see it on a curatorial approved field trip. Lol. This is one sexy sexy plane. I was expecting it to be smaller, but it would make sense as it was a WWII heavy bomber.

It's just so sad that during the Second World War there were thousands of these and now there are only two that can still fly.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

OPI I'm Not Really a Waitress

Peanut's pick.

Waitress is a blue based medium red shimmer. It's rich and vibrant. I love jewel tones like this and I own so many. But they're all so awesome. There isn't a higher resolution version of this picture because I accidentally didn't save one.

Two coats with topcoat. Perfect application.

Pic of the moment: Bunny buns! So freaking cute.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

L.A. Colors Solar Gold

Kimberly's pick. And another reminder to those who haven't voted in my Joe Fresh poll to please do so to your right.

Solar Gold is a warm toned yellow gold shimmer polish. It sorta borders almost cool, but never really gets there. I find it looks odd on my hands. Reminds me of a gold brick though.

Three coats with top coat. I think if you're careful you can get away with two. I kinda messed up and ended up with some cuticle drag so added the third coat for full coverage. This polish is only slightly streaky, which is really nice. I was expecting it to be streak city. It actually reminds me a lot of Chanel Gold Fiction. I can't do a comparison though, I don't own it. It's tops of my lemming list. So if anyone has it and doesn't want it, let me know!

Pic of the moment: I'd like to take some time now to revisit some of my earliest pic of the moments. I think most of these were about the cute, funny, awesome and less having to do with my life. So I'd just like to give them a permanent place on ye olde bloggy.

First up is one of my favourites. I love playing this game with people. Spot the spider.

If you can't spot the little guy, click the image for super hi-res to find it better.

Monday, August 2, 2010

OPI Suzi & the Lifeguard

LaLadyBunny's pick. For those who haven't, make sure to vote in my Joe Fresh polish poll. And new month! New banner!

S&tL is a light shimmery pink polish. It's very pretty. I just don't like the way it looks on short nails, though.

Two coats with top coat. This probably could have used three coats for complete opacity. But I don't mind a little bit sheerness. Application was good. No issues as far as I can tell.

Pic of the moment: And I just want to explain why my nails are so short. Last Wednesday there was a fire at the Museum of the Highwood in High River. High River is a town about an hour outside of Calgary. There was a lot of damage to the collections. A bunch of us from the Military Museums volunteered to go help them recover as much as they could. So on Thursday night, in preparation of helping them on Friday, I cut off my nails just so I wouldn't have to worry about them when I was moving stuff. Last time I did large amounts of moving, I ended up ripping off a nail. Not awesome. So yeah. Ended up grimy, sticky, and smelling like smoke because I was covered in soot. But it was totally worth it for the experience and getting dirty was fun. I really hope that they recover quickly from the fire and that it looks a lot worse than it was. Because it was just so sad to see some of those artefacts soaked and covered in soot.

Here's a picture of the Highwood before fire.

And an after pic. So sad.