Thursday, August 26, 2010

Del Sol Calypso

Halifax's pick.

For those who don't know, the Del Sol polishes change colour in the sun. Out of the sun, Calypso is a frosty bubblegum pink. In the sun it turns into a light grape purple.

Two coats with top coat. But to completely cover up VNL, I think you'd need three coats. I really like the stiffness of the brush. It applied really well and would be awesome except for the streaks.

Just some blog business for you. I keep mentioning and polling about a giveaway so I figured I'd actually tell you when I plan to do a giveaway. When I hit 500 followers, that's when I'll announce it. I've been acquiring prize stuff for a while now, so hopefully it's a good giveaway.

Pic of the moment: So last Saturday I went out to a Christian music festival called Rock the River. I'm one of the youth leaders at church so I was there with the kids. I had an absolute blast. I thought a lot of kids were bored, but they said they had fun too, so I guess it went well. Lol. Anyway, we had to drive up the hill to get to the parking lot. So on the way up, we drove behind this bus. One of the kids snapped a pic of the "Cool Bus." Check it, check it.


  1. Thanks hun :) I prefer the colour in the sun

  2. Wow! I've never heard of Del Sol, but I love the idea. I had this awesome pair of sunglasses in the 90s where the plastic frame changed color in the light...I thought that was the coolest thing ever! This reminds me of that...haha.

  3. What a cool bus! That's pretty funny.

    I had no idea there were sun "activated" nail polishes. Very neat

  4. Those polishes are soo cool! I love the concept of it changing colours. That bus is pretty cool as well! ^.^

  5. Halifax: Definitely prefer the purple. It doesn't help that it's also frosty and streaky.

    Varnish Vixen: Lol, yeah, totally love gimmicks like this. They also have clothes that change colour, I think.

    Lauren: Totally, I wish the store I went to had more of a selection though.

    Lisa: The bus was totally cool. And it took me forever to figure out why the kids kept saying cool bus, cool bus. Lol.


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