Thursday, August 5, 2010

L.A. Colors Solar Gold

Kimberly's pick. And another reminder to those who haven't voted in my Joe Fresh poll to please do so to your right.

Solar Gold is a warm toned yellow gold shimmer polish. It sorta borders almost cool, but never really gets there. I find it looks odd on my hands. Reminds me of a gold brick though.

Three coats with top coat. I think if you're careful you can get away with two. I kinda messed up and ended up with some cuticle drag so added the third coat for full coverage. This polish is only slightly streaky, which is really nice. I was expecting it to be streak city. It actually reminds me a lot of Chanel Gold Fiction. I can't do a comparison though, I don't own it. It's tops of my lemming list. So if anyone has it and doesn't want it, let me know!

Pic of the moment: I'd like to take some time now to revisit some of my earliest pic of the moments. I think most of these were about the cute, funny, awesome and less having to do with my life. So I'd just like to give them a permanent place on ye olde bloggy.

First up is one of my favourites. I love playing this game with people. Spot the spider.

If you can't spot the little guy, click the image for super hi-res to find it better.


  1. I like this color b/c its not very brassy! Its nice on your hands!

  2. I found him!! Lolz. I like this color. I found a couple LA Colors at Dollar Tree and I loved them...

  3. I am way to scared of spiders to look that hard. :)

    you've been tagged btw..

  4. Jackie S.: Thanks dear!

    LiveLaughLove6487: Yeah, dollar polishes are awesome. And isn't it cool how he's all hidden in plain sight?

    karen: Hahaha. And thanks!


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