Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nox Twilight Sangria

Mel's pick. So I must admit, the fact that I own this is a bit embarrassing. But in my defence, it was on sale, how could I pass up a good sale? And the bottle is unique.

Sangria is a deep dark vampy brownish red creme. Very blood like with a touch of purple. In the picture it looks almost black. But it's not. Even in lower light you can tell it's not black. It's also got a jelly-like quality, which probably helps it look not-black. You know, for something branded Twilight, none of these names have anything to do with Twilight.

Two coats with topcoat. Perfect application. I have to give Twilight Beauty credit, the formula was top notch. Full coverage in two coats. Brush is nice and I like the fact that these are 17 mls instead of the usual 15. Now here's a pic of the bottle, because, let's face it, the bottle is different and that's why I own this polish.

I found these at the Beddington London Drugs here in Calgary. Bought it buy two, get one free. I think they're regular price $9.99. You can also get these online at

Pic of the moment: There's no story behind this pic. It's just a ridiculously cute fox. I had to share.


  1. Sangria is gorgeous!!
    Ohh I love foxes, that is so cute!!!

  2. That fox is adorable. And I wish people would stoppppp making me want Twilight polish. Because this one looks so much like Misa Love Bite that I am dying. I need this polish!

  3. Sarah B.: Totally eh? His little head tilt just kills me.

    Scandalous: I think you need this polish. It's absolutely amazing. I love how it looks.

  4. I like it. Reminds me of Nails Inc Victoria polish. And the fox is super cute!

  5. I think it's a fantastic polish. And isn't he so cute?

  6. i'm not a huge fan of twilight. I saw the first movie and laughed my way through it entirely......yet I want these polishes for their bottles. the marketing design is gorgeous.

  7. Jackie: I know eh? I don't have anything like that in my collection.

    shortnails: Gah, totally. I found Twilight so hard to watch I literally had my jacket covering my face for most of the movie.


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