Sunday, August 8, 2010

OPI I'm Not Really a Waitress

Peanut's pick.

Waitress is a blue based medium red shimmer. It's rich and vibrant. I love jewel tones like this and I own so many. But they're all so awesome. There isn't a higher resolution version of this picture because I accidentally didn't save one.

Two coats with topcoat. Perfect application.

Pic of the moment: Bunny buns! So freaking cute.


  1. That is a gorgeous red! And those bunny buns look so cute and delicious. :)

  2. Gorgeous color!! I had this but I dropped it and it broke before I ever got to use it ]: I think my mom has a bottle though.

  3. I actually just recently purchased this from Target. My first OPI ever and I love it...even though, because I am a waitress I may not be able to wear it to work...*sad face*

  4. This was the first OPI I bought, now almost 10 years ago, I still own it!!!

  5. Zara: It's one heck of an awesome red. And don't they just?

    Tierney: Oh that's so sad!

    LiveLaughLove6487: Lol, it's time to get a new job so you can totally wear it.

    polishsis: It's such a classic. It'll never go out of style.


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