Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shopping: Nox Twilight Polishes

For those in Canada interested in getting the Twilight polishes, if you're near a London drugs, they have a buy two Twilight makeup items and get the third Twilight item free coupon. Twilight polishes are regularly $10 $8, so it's not too bad a deal. The lady I also talked to said the Twilight stuff was getting low in the warehouses, so this might mean that they're going to slowly withdraw from selling the Twilight stuff. So if you're interested, head out now.


  1. Oh so Canadians do have access to this brand :) I don't have a London Drugs, but am glad for those who do. Not a big fan of the series but won't mind this polish line, for its fun packaging. How many did you get? :)

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  3. Halifax: I only grabbed 3. I didn't think I could pull the others off.


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