Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nubar Wildlife

Wildlife is very wildlifey. Very aptly named. When you look at it head on, it's a nice light reddish gold brown. When you turn your hand, it turns a light mossy green. It really reminds me of driving through the mountains up here in Alberta. You drive through so much green and brown. I think if you took the trees flying by and bottled it, this is what you'd end up with. Very cool duochrome.

Two coats with topcoat. Good application. No issues. I thought it was really thin at first, but full coverage at two coats. So that's pretty awesome. I also thought it'd end up streaky, but not at all. Everything just evens out. But forgive the bubbles. I need a new bottle of topcoat.

Pic of the Moment: You guys know how I love fall, so I went bumpin' around the neighbourhood taking pictures. Enjoy!

First up is a tree in my front yard. I always love the colours the leaves turn during the fall. And the way it blossoms during the spring is awesome. It kinda leans because one summer it snowed and the frost and snow accumulation on the leaves actually pulled down half the tree. So now it leans like the Tower of Pisa.

Next up is a closeup of one of the leaves. Just because I think it's cool. And look at how vivid the colours are.

And here's some pics of a little park we have right down the block.

Here are some shots inside the park. It used to be so sparse when we moved here 13 years ago. But now it's so full. When you walk in, you feel like you're wrapped in nature. I love it.

Hope you guys liked my show and tell.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Follow my blog with bloglovin.

So I have a bloglovin' account now. Anyone who's interested in following may do so. To be honest, I'm not quite sure what this is, but ya know... Any new way to follow me can only help you guys? I have no idea. Anyway, yes. I'm going to explore this a little more.

Now have a picture.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

American Apparel Rose Bowl

So I've been reading all of the entries for my giveaway. You guys are awesome. The entries make me laugh and they make me cry. It was a wonderful thing to wake up to on Thursday. And again, if you haven't entered my giveaway, you can find the link to the right. Oh, and those who asked me questions, I will get back to you as soon as possible. Promise.

Now a pick for Steph.

Rose Bowl is a dusty rose creme.

Two coats with topcoat. You know, American Apparel polishes remind me very much of Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes. Fantastic formula. But more specifically it reminds me of Resucue Beauty Lounge Om. I would do a comparison for you guys but I have since swapped it away.

Pic of the Moment: Aw man, Hello Kitty's so cute. That's all I've got. She's just cute. Joseph Senor created a bunch of iconic Kitties. Here's Darth Kitty.

To see the rest, go here.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nail Polish Adventures' 1st Anniversary Giveaway

So, hey, guess what? I'll give you a hint, check my banner. Lol. Today is the 1st anniversary of the day I started on this epic nail polish adventure. And it has definitely been an adventure. I originally started off on Live journal and then made my way over here. I was giddy when I received my first 5 followers. Ecstatic when I realized I had 29. I am absolutely astounded that I have more than 400 now. I just wanted to thank you all for coming along with me. I've made some amazing friends and your comments and kind words have meant the world to me.

So you probably want to hear what the prize is, right? I was originally going to use this as a 500 follower giveaway prize. But my 1st anniversary is a more than appropriate occasion for a giveaway. Here are 17 polishes that I've been collecting since my first giveaway.

(These photos are totally not colour accurate.)

OPI Mad as a Hatter
Sally Hansen Shooting Star
Sally Hansen Guilty Pleasure
American Apparel Peacock

Joe Fresh Peacock
Joe Fresh Espresso
Joe Fresh Wine
Joe Fresh Nude
Joe Fresh Butter
Joe Fresh Powdered Blue
Joe Fresh Mint

Billie Gold
China Glaze Ruby Pumps
Quirius Cresskill Eve
Claire's Magic

These two polishes are from StBFF.

Nicole by OPI Volunteer Cheer
Essie Lacquered Up

And with a special appearance by Quatchi. One of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic mascots. You guys voted for him, so here he is.

So how do you enter? Just fill in this form and you're in. I've kept it to only one entry per person for simplicity. But if you'd like to pimp my giveaway, feel free to do so.

**Giveaway ended**

Rules: Only one entry per person. Multiple entries will be disqualified. Winner will be chosen randomly. International entries welcome. Winner will have 72 hours to get back to me, if at that time I have received no reply, I will choose another winner. Giveaway closes October 22, 2010 at 11:59 PM.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nicole by OPI Blues in the Night

origami's pick. I should technically be posting OPI Cosmo Not Tonight Honey! but my nails are horribly stained blue from Orly Space Cadet and Cosmo is super sheer, so that won't get posted until it all grows out. Just wanted to mention something on the off chance someone was curious.

Blues in the Night is a black polish with blue microglitter. It just kinda looks like black most of the time with hints of blue. But the microglitter does catch the light in lower lights and will sparkle. It's interesting. It looks black, but doesn't... I always love a good vampy though.

Three coats with topcoat. This one was weird. Application was perfectly fine. It'd look like it was opaque, but I'd end up with a bald spot. That's why it required three coats. First coat goes on super sheer. But in the end, the three coats gives it great depth.

Pic of the Moment: I was going through old pictures and found this one. It's from when we just moved into our house back in Regina, Saskatchewan. I was two years old. Looking at it just makes me nostalgic. So many memories in that old house. And I can't believe I was ever that little.

Now let's see all your baby/youngin' pics!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Orly Space Cadet

Random thought of the day: I'm an avocado pervert. I molest my avocados everyday to see if they're ripe enough to eat. Hehehehe.

Space Cadet is a green polish packed with pink/purple/brown/gold glitter. And it's the glitter that changes colour. So looking at it head on, you see the green along the edges and purple in the middle. And as you move your hands, the glitter changes colours and suddenly you're wearing a green polish with gold glitter. Super cool. And I have a bunch of pictures to show you. Please ignore my hang nail and gross dry cuticles. I didn't realize they were so bad until I saw them in pictures.

Three coats with top coat. Gah, glitter removal's such a bitch. Even cleanup is hard. Another reason to hate glitter. There is one, and only one thing I like about glitter, and that's how it looks. Everything else about it is suck. Anyhow, yes, this one needed three coats because it's mostly glitter in a sheer base. Applies fine. No issues there. Just the fact that it's... You know... A glitter. Bah, it totally stained my fingers and nails blue during removal.

Pic of the moment: So I was browsing Varnish Vixen's blog and came across a picture of an awesome steampunk ring she made. I totally commented to ask her if she'd make me one. We worked out a swap and here it is.

Beautiful, no? And she totally has a tutorial up on her blog to show you how to make it. Sadly, I broke it an hour after I got it. I was totally stupid. My fingers are really small so I was trying to squeeze it so the ring would be smaller (it's one of those adjustable rings) and I grabbed it by the gear part at one point and it just popped right off. So sad. But I managed to fix it. So it's good to go!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Illamasqua Rampage

jellynat's pick.

Rampage, as most of you probably know, is a deep dark green jelly. Oh I lubs it. Another fall colour. Totally funny that before this one I posted a neon. Anyhow, the wrinkling on my ring finger is me smacking my hand against my desk not even 5 minutes after I finished my mani. Bleh.

Three coats with top coat. Rampage dries to a satiny finish. So definitely needs top coat if you want it super shiny. The application is nice and smooth. But it was a problem child in the streaky department. Even after three coats you can see some cuticle drag. But it's worth the work. Oh so nishe.

Pic of the moment: Instead of a pic, I'll be featuring a cause for this post. It's kinda related to Illamasqua. I think it's heartbreaking what happened to Sophie Lancaster. To have been kicked and stomped to death because of the way she looked. It's horrific. I go about everyday without people staring at me. I look "normal," for all intents and purposes. But as a Christian, I feel like sometimes I need to hide it. I feel like I'll be ostracized because of who I am and who I believe in. So I share Sophie's story in the hope that we can all be accepted for who we are.

To read more about Sophie's story, go here: www.sophielancasterfoundation.com
Or here: http://www.illamasqua.com/about/sophie/

Monday, September 13, 2010

China Glaze Pool Party

Just a little bit of blog related business before I get into the polish. A couple nights ago, I decided to go on a no-buy. This really isn't all that big of a deal but this time I've decided to stop reading nail blogs along with it. So I probably won't know what's going on in the world of nail blogging. I'm going on a no-buy because I don't have a job and I have over 350 polishes that I've never worn. Oh yes, you read that right. My buying has completely gotten out of control. So the only way I'm going to be successful is if I stop reading blogs. Instead of trying to resist temptation, I'm just going to get rid of it. I absolutely love all you bloggers out there, but you give me lemmings that I just can't afford. I'm probably going to get the polishes I lemmed before the no-buy, but this is me trying to prevent new lemmings. I'm also going to extend this no-buy to all consumption in my life. Clothes, shoes, books, and general junk. I have piles of clothes that have never been worn. Same with shoes. My book case is full of books I was going to read but never got to. I mean, I have a library card, I don't need to buy all of these books. And I have toys and trinkets all over my desk. This is stuff I just don't need.

As I originally intended this blog to be an archive of swatches of all the polishes I own, I'm going to continue writing. So no worries about that. But this would be a good time for those of you who haven't taken part in Pick My Polish to check it out now. As I'm focusing on wearing all the colours I own, I'd like to have a nice list of polishes to work through. I'm always paranoid that one day I'll run out of polish picks and will have to decide, on my own, what to wear.

Now that that's all out of the way, onto Pool Party. This polish killed my camera. Or at the very least, made it cry. Just looks so weird. More pink and less red. Anyhoodle, Pool Party is a neon pink creme. There is no hi-res version of this polish. I accidentally didn't save one. Ugh, I've been doing this more and more often.

Three coats with top coat on top of two coats of American Apparel California Trooper. As mentioned in many blogs, putting a good base on before applying neons makes it really pop. Anyhow, I was done at two coats but I made a mistake on my right index so I needed a third. And now my polish is super thick. Ick. As all neons, they dry matte so it requires top coat.

Pic of the moment: How about some sushi picspam, mmm? This was dinner a couple weeks ago. A bunch of friends and I went out to this tiny little sushi place called Amici Sushi. Yeah, totally sounds Italian. Pronounced that way too. Lol. But it's got really good sushi. $1 sashimi. Super quiet though, it's literally at the corner of two main roads so everyone just drives by.

Check it out, they made the salmon into flowers.

I didn't manage to take a pic of this last one until we had partially devoured it.

Anyhow, if any of you happen to be in Calgary, I highly recommend this place.

1908 37 St SW, Calgary, AB.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Nicole by OPI In Your Hands

Another of Zara's picks.

Curse Nicole bottles for being such a pain in the ass to hold! There just doesn't seem to be a good pose for them. Anyhow, In Your Hands is a deep blue jelly. Very nice colour. It reminds me of the sea. The vast beyond. I might also be thinking this because I'm reading Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

Three coats with top coat. This would have been good in two coats had I been more careful. But I think the extra coat adds some nice depth. My bottle was also a bit gluggy (due to age, I think) so it didn't flow very well. I ended up with bubbles, but I'm pretty sure it was my top coat. I've also got a random hair from my cleanup brush stuck to it. What's even funnier about this mani is that it's so shiny I can see my right hand holding my camera reflected in it.

Pic of the moment: So two weeks ago, my coworker pulled out these manequin legs with Second World War Canadian Woman's Army Corps shoes on them. He placed them near my work space so that every single time I turned a little bit to the right, this is what I saw out of the corner of my eye.

Then when the shoes got taken off, I grabbed the legs and placed them by the tank. Doesn't it look like the tank is crushing a terminator, or something? I was so giddy about this whole thing. It was joy.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

China Glaze Visions of Grandeur

Zara's pick.

Visions is sort of grand. Lol. It's this vibrant red with gold shimmer. So nice. In lower light it has an almost autumn red feeling to it. You know that red. The brownish bricky red. The type of red that makes you want to sit down to a movie wrapped in a snuggly blanket. Oh fall is in the air, my loves. If you can't tell, I love autumn.

Two coats with topcoat. Non-B3F formula. Goes on sheer at the first coat, but covers nicely on the second. No application issues.

Pic of the moment: Here's another flower ball I made. This was for work. So I tried to make it camouflage colours. And I actually used Canadian Armed Forces camouflage pattern, called CADPAT. I used both arid and temperate patterns and then some randoms.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Models Own Slate Green

Rach's second pick.

Slate green is a muted turquoise creme. Not sure if it's more green or blue. It sits right in between, perfect muted turquoise, I think.

Two coats with topcoat. I wish I had done three coats. I didn't get complete coverage. But it's not horrible at two. Good application. Non-3-free though. So stinky. Very very stinky.

Pic of the moment: StBFF made this for me. 32 pieces. It's actually more complicated than the other flower ball even though it has 28 less pieces to it. Totally cool.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Models Own Deep Purple

New month, new banner!

Rach's first pick.

Deep purple is just that, a deep purple shimmer. This is the type of polish that has a light centre and darkens on the edges to almost black/really dark greyed blue. There also a chance this is a duochrome, because at the right angle, the whole thing turns into the dark dusty blue colour. Good vampy shade.

Two coats with top coat. Non-B3F. Stinky. This was also thick. Still workable, but I did add thinner to it after the first coat. Pretty good pigmentation though. Tip for wearing this polish and other Models Own: Use a non-B3F base and top coat. With those, they wear like iron.

Pic of the moment: On Saturday one of my friends got married. Deep Purple was supposed to be the colour I was going to wear with my dress. But it was just too dark to match. I slapped a coat of something lighter on instead. This is not the point of the pic of the moment, though. Totally side tracked there. Anyhow, what I wanted to show was the card that StBFF made for our friend Ivan. Mine was store bought, but she made this:

Awesome, no?