Thursday, September 16, 2010

Illamasqua Rampage

jellynat's pick.

Rampage, as most of you probably know, is a deep dark green jelly. Oh I lubs it. Another fall colour. Totally funny that before this one I posted a neon. Anyhow, the wrinkling on my ring finger is me smacking my hand against my desk not even 5 minutes after I finished my mani. Bleh.

Three coats with top coat. Rampage dries to a satiny finish. So definitely needs top coat if you want it super shiny. The application is nice and smooth. But it was a problem child in the streaky department. Even after three coats you can see some cuticle drag. But it's worth the work. Oh so nishe.

Pic of the moment: Instead of a pic, I'll be featuring a cause for this post. It's kinda related to Illamasqua. I think it's heartbreaking what happened to Sophie Lancaster. To have been kicked and stomped to death because of the way she looked. It's horrific. I go about everyday without people staring at me. I look "normal," for all intents and purposes. But as a Christian, I feel like sometimes I need to hide it. I feel like I'll be ostracized because of who I am and who I believe in. So I share Sophie's story in the hope that we can all be accepted for who we are.

To read more about Sophie's story, go here:
Or here:


  1. That is a gorgeous color. And thank you for posting the information about Sophie. What a terrible tragedy.

  2. Beautiful all time favorite green. This is such a tragic story; thank you for sharing. :(

  3. Thank you. :) I didn't know it was drying satiny... what a precious information!

  4. I can never get Rampage to work for me, even though I love the color. It definitely takes four coats when I use it, and I just don't have that patience.

  5. Mandy, VV: Thanks and isn't it so sad.

    jellynat: No problem! And the parts where my top coat didn't cover, even chipped faster because they were matte.

    Steph: Yeah, it doesn't cover as well as I'd like. I don't think I have the patience to do four coats. I'd just give up at three.


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