Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Models Own Deep Purple

New month, new banner!

Rach's first pick.

Deep purple is just that, a deep purple shimmer. This is the type of polish that has a light centre and darkens on the edges to almost black/really dark greyed blue. There also a chance this is a duochrome, because at the right angle, the whole thing turns into the dark dusty blue colour. Good vampy shade.

Two coats with top coat. Non-B3F. Stinky. This was also thick. Still workable, but I did add thinner to it after the first coat. Pretty good pigmentation though. Tip for wearing this polish and other Models Own: Use a non-B3F base and top coat. With those, they wear like iron.

Pic of the moment: On Saturday one of my friends got married. Deep Purple was supposed to be the colour I was going to wear with my dress. But it was just too dark to match. I slapped a coat of something lighter on instead. This is not the point of the pic of the moment, though. Totally side tracked there. Anyhow, what I wanted to show was the card that StBFF made for our friend Ivan. Mine was store bought, but she made this:

Awesome, no?


  1. Wow, someone made that! That's incredible. Deep Purple looks beautiful on you. Do you own Essie's Sexy Divide...I wonder how similar they are...

  2. jbrobeck: Thankya dear.

    VV: Deep purple is much much darker than Sexy Divide. Sexy divide is also more red based where deep purple is more blue based.

  3. That card is adorable! And I love the purple.

  4. Thank you so much for the swatch, it looks so pretty on you and mmm, vampies! Aside from the smell, I know next to nothing about MO (esp. formula-wise) so every review helps. Looking forward to your next entry. :)

  5. Mandy: I completely agree on both counts.

    Rach: Well no problem. =D

    Lois: Yeah, it's really amazing. I love how light it is in the centre, but how dark it is at the sides.

    Lily nail: Thanks!


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