Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nicole by OPI Blues in the Night

origami's pick. I should technically be posting OPI Cosmo Not Tonight Honey! but my nails are horribly stained blue from Orly Space Cadet and Cosmo is super sheer, so that won't get posted until it all grows out. Just wanted to mention something on the off chance someone was curious.

Blues in the Night is a black polish with blue microglitter. It just kinda looks like black most of the time with hints of blue. But the microglitter does catch the light in lower lights and will sparkle. It's interesting. It looks black, but doesn't... I always love a good vampy though.

Three coats with topcoat. This one was weird. Application was perfectly fine. It'd look like it was opaque, but I'd end up with a bald spot. That's why it required three coats. First coat goes on super sheer. But in the end, the three coats gives it great depth.

Pic of the Moment: I was going through old pictures and found this one. It's from when we just moved into our house back in Regina, Saskatchewan. I was two years old. Looking at it just makes me nostalgic. So many memories in that old house. And I can't believe I was ever that little.

Now let's see all your baby/youngin' pics!


  1. Sorry to hear Space Cadet stained your nails. have you tried soaking them in a combination of lemon juice and water? with a little olive oil?? Hope this helps :)

    This Nicole is pretty, too bad the blue glitter doesn't show up more on the nail. :)

  2. omfg you are the cutest little kid I have ever seen lol with your ll cool j pants

  3. Jackie: I just went and buffed it off. Probably not the best idea, but look at my nails just kinda made me queasy so I picked the quickest route. And yeah, I was hoping the glitter would be more prominent. I could try adding some clear, but I'm not sure if I'd wear it too often, even then.

    Scandalous: Lol, thanks. And I know, I was cool and stylin', even at 2.

  4. Hm, I'm not sure whether I love the nail polish or am just sort of luke warm about it. I'll have to ponder. :D Knee jerk reaction: I luvs it. I mean, it is black with sparklies! Come on!

    That pic of you is too cute. Way too cute. :P

  5. Yeah, I was torn. It's got the whole secret sparklies. But at the same time, it's totally black. Something I'm not a huge fan of.


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