Sunday, September 19, 2010

Orly Space Cadet

Random thought of the day: I'm an avocado pervert. I molest my avocados everyday to see if they're ripe enough to eat. Hehehehe.

Space Cadet is a green polish packed with pink/purple/brown/gold glitter. And it's the glitter that changes colour. So looking at it head on, you see the green along the edges and purple in the middle. And as you move your hands, the glitter changes colours and suddenly you're wearing a green polish with gold glitter. Super cool. And I have a bunch of pictures to show you. Please ignore my hang nail and gross dry cuticles. I didn't realize they were so bad until I saw them in pictures.

Three coats with top coat. Gah, glitter removal's such a bitch. Even cleanup is hard. Another reason to hate glitter. There is one, and only one thing I like about glitter, and that's how it looks. Everything else about it is suck. Anyhow, yes, this one needed three coats because it's mostly glitter in a sheer base. Applies fine. No issues there. Just the fact that it's... You know... A glitter. Bah, it totally stained my fingers and nails blue during removal.

Pic of the moment: So I was browsing Varnish Vixen's blog and came across a picture of an awesome steampunk ring she made. I totally commented to ask her if she'd make me one. We worked out a swap and here it is.

Beautiful, no? And she totally has a tutorial up on her blog to show you how to make it. Sadly, I broke it an hour after I got it. I was totally stupid. My fingers are really small so I was trying to squeeze it so the ring would be smaller (it's one of those adjustable rings) and I grabbed it by the gear part at one point and it just popped right off. So sad. But I managed to fix it. So it's good to go!


  1. Your pictures are so great, they capture well the polish, i have it but even if i admire the great duochrome, i don't like it, i may wear it again because of its uniqueness but not because i like it.
    you can give a look here:

  2. fantastic pictures of Space Cadet! oh the macro shot.. the bane of my cuticles existence. :)

  3. It's so pretty! I agree! removing glitter polish is such a pain! :P


  4. Can't decide how I feel about Space Cadet...the first time I wore it, I loved it. The second time...I liked it but didn't love it. I hope I don't keep liking it less each time I wear it! :(

    Thanks for the shout out!! Hope the second ring gets there too!

  5. Love Space Cadet, and love the ring!

  6. SakuraBlossom: Really? But everyone's tastes are different. And thanks for the compliment.

    karen: Hahaha, thanks. And the macro shot is a blessing and a curse.

    Mia: Totally eh? I hate how I always have one random speck of glitter that just won't come off.

    VV: Thanks darlin'! And that's really too bad. Because it's so unique.

    Mandy: Why thankya darlin'.

    Lily: Isn't it? I love it.

  7. super pretty! love the nails and ring :)

  8. *drool* That polish is just...JUST. Is it part of the core collection? And that ring? Lovely!

  9. Er, two other things: Whoops - this is from a new collection, Cosmic FX, yes? I was so blinded by this polish's beauty that I temporarily lost my mind. And how did I miss your confession of being an avocado molester? It is very nice to know I'm not alone in that. :P

  10. Danielle: Thanks!

    origami: Lol, yes, it's from Cosmic. And avocados are wonderful. Hahaha.


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