Thursday, January 6, 2011

Flower Love #77

So I don't actually know what the brand of this polish is. I bought it in China and all it says on the front is Colors Nail Lacquer. But there's a little crest logo thing on the back that says flower love, so that's what I'm using.

#77 is a grey polish loaded with gold micro-glitter. The overall effect is a mossy greeny goldy grey polish. So unique. And as some micro-glitters are prone to do, it'll sparkle pink and green in artificial light.

By the way, is it just me or does the bottle design have a weird almost-OPI look to it? Not the shape of the bottle, but the way the font is and how it's on the bottle. Anyway, this is three coats with topcoat. It's a little sheer so I slapped a third coat on. Overall application good.

I'm actually a bit surprised that I only came home with one bottle of nail polish from China. But I saw a lot of colours that I already had at home so I didn't get them. This one is a special puppy though.

Pic of the moment: For those of you keeping up with my pic of the moment, you'll remember that I got a brand new mixer and have been baking like mad. So have a pic of a chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting. I think it looks quite pretty. These cupcakes are super duper chocolately. Too chocolatey for me, but they turned out well. I think so anyway.


  1. You're not alone.. I got the same OPI-vibe when I saw the bottle. Very pretty color and delicious looking cupcake!

  2. that is so funny because that was the first thing i noticed about the bottle, was that it look a heck of a lot like OPI!!!

  3. Gorgeous polish! It definitely looks like an OPI bottle with the font placement.

    And yummy cupcake!

  4. That is a truly fascinating polish!

  5. It's quite normal in Asia, there are quite a few shops that try to pass nail polish off as OPI, either by using the same font, or using the same bottle shape AND font so it looks pretty much like OPI, until you read the brand name. Some people even go to extremes to pirate OPI and sell them at OPI prices.

  6. Too chocolately! Such a thing doesn't exist! And with cream cheese frosting....heaven!

    I love the color too-very unique and the font on the bottle does look exactly like the OPI font.

  7. Definitely OPI-esque, that font. I love that polish. Also, now I'm hungry.


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