Sunday, November 21, 2010

OPI Smitten with Mittens

Holla party people. *Waves* I've just been featured on the Be In Style blog on Pocket Change. Check it out if you guys have a chance. I like their blog recs, they pick really interesting blogs. Of course, I say that because they picked me. Hehehe.

Random thought of the day: I like to live on the edge. Sometimes I purposely go into a skid during winter time just to see how slippery the roads are. Not when anyone's around or anything. But at 4-way stops, I'll just slide right through the intersection. I'm b-b-b-baaaaad to the bone. Hahaha.

Jessica D.'s pick.

Smitten with Mittens is a deep wine red with gold glitter/flakies. Blingtacular and almost foily. It's a little more bluey than the pic. Man, it's been a long time since I wore red. This definitely has the festive feel to it. I love how it's a really deep colour in lower light, but the glitter just catches the light and makes it sparkle. Like stars in the night sky. Except this sky is red... Which is a scary sort of sky.

Two coats with topcoat. Good opacity. Good application. No issues.

Pic of the Moment: Now let me show you my mittens. This is why I love winter and fall. Bundling up. When you're out, it's great. I just hate hauling all these layers around when you're inside.

Let me go through my cold weather outfit with you. Beginning with my head, my touque. StBFF gave me this and it's been my fave hat ever since. It's gotten a bit battered and snagged, but it's still awesome. I've also got a little friend pinned to the right side. Mukmuk!

Next up is my scarf. Greatest scarf ever. It's so plush. The inside is lined with super soft faux fur. The other is knit. Now my mittens. Striped moss green and brown. One of my favourite colour combinations. I had a friend make this for me because I have super small hands and I was finding kids mitts just weren't all that well made. You don't see them, but there's also a second pair of gloves under those mitts for maximal warmth. Then there's my jacket. Minimum 85% down fill. I love this jacket. It's so warm, but not hugely bulky. Although I do look a little bit like a big brown marshmallow on legs. Speaking of my legs, I'm wearing two pairs of pants. Long underwear for the win! Hahaha. And you can't see it, but I'm wearing Emus on my feet. Same thing as Uggs, just cheaper.

You must now be asking why I've gone through all of that. Well, I wanted to show you what I was wearing when I went out to get these pictures.

You may or may not remember this place from this post. It's always amazed me how much winter can transform a place. I didn't take many pictures because one, it was freaking cold and two, it was freaking cold. But enjoy the ones I did take.

And one last little bit to fit in. I love the song My Boots by Lights. It's a great winter anthem. There's always summer anthems and I love how she wrote one about winter. Check it out.


  1. thanks for reviewing my pick! Smitten with Mittens is gorgeous! and i can't believe the snow you've gotten out west....we're still snow-free in in southern Ontario, thank goodness!

  2. Hey lady, sorry I've been AWOL lately. A couple things. First, you look adorable in your winter stuff. It's getting cold enough here that I too will soon have to bundle. Second, Smitten With Mittens is awesome. I've been really, really slowly moving my polish collection from my mom's house to my apartment, and Smitten With Mittens and Dazzled By Gold are two of the very few OPIs that I brought with me so far. I'm in such a red mood. Third, I still have your Milani polish. Perhaps we could do a little Christmas exchange? Let me know if you want to. My semester is winding down so I'll have more time to shop for goodies for you. Just e-mail me. My new one is best: stephanie.foster[at]case[dot]edu


  3. Opi looks awesome!
    I see you got great wether there :-)

  4. Congrats on the shout out on Be In Style blog on Pocket Change. This color is really pretty, I love it! Also, I can't believe it is that cold there already. It hasn't dropped below 40 here. Eeek.

  5. That polish is absolutely gorgeous but I'm more excited that you're a fan of Lights! I've been following her career for a few yeas now, I'm a big fan.

    I'm always jealous around holiday season when people share photos of the snow. It doesn't snow in Australia much and it's summer at Christmas so I'd love to wake up to a snowy Christmas morning at least once in my life.

    1. You should come visit!! I have to admit, there is something magical about waking up to a snowy world on Christmas day.

  6. Oh my, that's a beautiful red! I love it! I really want it!!! I'm going to try to find it. :)

    And I love My Boots from LIGHTS! It's a great song! <3


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