Monday, December 6, 2010

NYX Jungle

Time for a new blog banner!

Jessi McKinney's pick

Jungle is a blue-polish-with-gold-shimmer green. I didn't realize how many of these were out there. And I own so many of them. Lol.

Three coats with topcoat. It's actually quite sheer so required the full three coats. No other application issues.

Vid of the Moment: Instead of a pic I have a vid for you guys. If you don't die of cute from this, then you have a heart of stone.


  1. That polish is STUNNING. And I've seen that video going around online, it's beyond adorable! I couldn't help but watch over and over, squeeing myself to death.

  2. Wow very nice! Looks like duochrome!

    x0x0 Tess

  3. Nice polish but cat is just adorable :-)

  4. The polish is gorgeous! The video is super cute :)

  5. That color is amazing...probably why there are so many of them!

  6. Oh, that polish is a awesome!!
    I melted seeing that vid <3

  7. This is really pretty. Thank you for posting this!


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