Sunday, January 16, 2011

OPI Up Front & Personal

Went tobogganing (aka sledding). Have whiplash. Eyesight isn't quite right. Headache. Little bit of nausea. Dizzy. Want to sleep so bad. Really hope I don't have a concussion, but I went down the very steep hill head first and on my back. Hit a bump, went airborne for a fraction of a second and slammed my head down when I landed. I lost the sled midway down. Soooo sleepy. I'm glad I wrote this post ahead of time.

Up Front & Personal is a very sheer champagne polish packed with silver micro-glitter. This is my go-to polish. When I don't feel like wearing a single one of the polishes I own, I always go back to this one. It's one of the few polishes I've worn more than twice. I love it to bits and have two backup bottles. That's how much I love it. Sadly, it doesn't photograph well. This is the best one I took. I think this is one of the few polishes that look better in artificial light just because it glitters green and pink. The ott lite isn't good this way because it mimics natural sunlight. But if you click to see high res, you can see a little of the sparkle.

Three coats with topcoat. Definitely sheer. For just some sparkly, go with one coat. I did three just because my nails don't look awesome under the polish.

Pic of the Moment: When I first got my work camera, I had to learn how to use it. I had never used a camera that fancy or expensive before so I spent some time reading the manual and taking pictures just to take pictures. I was too busy fiddling with the camera to even see the subject that I was photographing. When I plugged the SD card into my computer to see what I had captured, I was a little amazed. For some reason I really loved these images. So here they are, please enjoy. All images are of something on my desk.


  1. A few things:
    (1) I hope you're okay and that you're not serious about the concussion thing.
    (2) I like that polish. Subtle yet sparkly. Nice.
    (3) ZOMG MY GMAIL IS ALSO FOX TEAHOUSE. Have we discussed that before? I love it when he's doing his morning exercises.

  2. Wow...that sounds like quite the accident! You weren't joking earlier when you said you were a bit of a dare-devil...sledding down head first on you back?!?!?!? I hope you are okay!

    And I love these pictures of your desk, they're really fun, and strangely I have the same gmail setting. :O

  3. I LOVE fox teahouse party!

    I rotate between that and GRASS

    This color is super pretty!
    I don't like gold that much on my skin tone, but this seems pale enough that it would work!

  4. Omg, there is so much love for Fox Teahouse. Bwahaha, awesome!

    Steph: My neck feels better, just really sore and stiff right now. I can turn it again. And perfect way of describing the polish.

    BB: I totally didn't plan to do that! I lost my sled half way. I started out sitting on my butt and facing forward.

    Jeanie: This borders gold and silver. Totally give it a try if you get the chance. It is awesomesauce.

  5. i hope you're alright now :-)
    nice pictures!

    1. Thank you. And I'm still alive, so totally alright.


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