Thursday, February 10, 2011

Zoya Edyta

Edyta is mostly green with lots of gold foil particles with a bit of that greyed quality that makes it mossy. I likes, I likes very very much. This pic makes the polish look much darker than it really is. I'm been having issues. I'm in a photography rut. Just pics not turning out how I want.

Two coats with topcoat. Completely flawless application, although cleanup was a bitch. I kept getting glitter everywhere. You can see along the cuticle on my ring finger where I tried to clean it up and all that's left there is gold glitter. They're persistent little buggers. I don't look forward to removal. Mind you, if this lasts like most Zoyas, I won't have to think about removal for a while.

Pic of the Moment: Check out my sweet Cammo Kitty tshirt. Military influence + Hello Kitty = Winsomeness on a grand scale.

Alright, so I know at least one of my old Military Museums coworkers reads this blog. I shall take some time and explain my Hello Kitty obsession while I worked there. I'm not actually as fanatical a Hello Kitty fan as I was at the Military Museums. Don't get me wrong, I love Hello Kitty. I think she's as cute as all get out. And when your best friend happens to be StBFF, who is absolutely fanatical about Hello Kitty, it rubs off.

But yes, back to the explanation. While I was working there, I was surrounded by men. Like, manly men, military men, machoness, testosterone and like GRRR!ness. Hahaha. So I felt a need to just infuse the place with femininity. And my way of doing that was to plaster over my locker door with Hello Kitty, walking around wearing pink and Hello Kitty tshirts. I also love cats, but I love dogs just as much, I don't think that showed through though because there was just so much Hello Kitty all over the place. I just felt the need to explain. I don't think anyone really cares, but eh, that won't stop me. Hahaha.


  1. You're allowed to love Hello Kitty! You don't have to explain yourself. :) I find that when girls act *a little girly*, they feels this little guilt because they're too cheesy or something. I really don't care, I totally accept myself the way I am! -smothers everyone with my girlyness-

  2. The reason I was explaining was because I'm not actually like that. I was trying to say that I totally went overboard and that's actually not who I am. If that is you, then you absolutely do not have to explain. I don't feel any guilt about being girly, either. But yeah, it's really not what I'm like most of the time.

  3. Wait.. What?
    Actually in all seriousness I think you told me this. Unless you're talking about Walter and them reading your blog. Which in that case, may come as a 8.9 shock on the shock-o-meter.

  4. Lol, I was definitely talking about you. I don't remember telling you this, so I figure I might as well.


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